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The increasing threat landscape has made multifactor authentication (MFA) the industry standard for ensuring users are who they say they are. With MFA, you can easily add another layer of security to reduce cyber threats to your organization.

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Clients' Experiences with Our Multifactor Authentication Services

Working with Buchannan is a breath of fresh air. We came to the table with problems, and they solved them with solutions! Working with Buchannan's team of highly experienced subject matter experts is like having a Swiss army knife in our back pocket here at our org.
Manager of IT Help Desk / Desktop Services
Consumer Goods
Work with them annually for System Health Check. They have an industry leading expert who goes above and beyond each year to identify bottlenecks and code inefficiencies, as well as providing solutions to remedy. Ability to quickly and thoroughly diagnose issues has gained our customer loyalty.
Director of IT
Enterprise IT Services Cient
The Buchanan team is very important. I’m a one man team, so everything we do is running through them.
Director of IT
Small/Mid-Size Company
Migrating to a new outsourced service desk provider is difficult at best. Buchanan completely exceeded expectations in executing a seamless, smooth transition from our old provider to their services. We had minimal disruption and an immediate improvement in service.
Chief Information Officer
Energy and Utilities
Excellent organization to work with regarding Service Desk support. Very customer service oriented. Excellent leadership and support staff! Always striving and finding ways to improve and take on additional processes where possible. They operate with a partner mindset which is highly valued.
Director, Workforce Engineering & Support
Finance, Non-Banking
We have found Buchanan’s knowledge and customer service to be outstanding and appreciate that they are always there for us when the need arises. We highly recommend Buchanan Technologies for any IT service needs!
Kimberly A. Hobby
President, Lafe T. Williams & Associates, Inc.
We sincerely appreciate the trust and dedication that has come from the Buchanan team around our technical demands and do not hesitate in recommending them to anyone needing an IT service partner.
Business Relationship Manager
in the financial industry
We appreciate how Buchanan is focused on taking the burden off of my team for more mundane tasks.
Director of IT
Enterprise Organization
Buchanan's support gives us hands-off lT management, yet peace of mind knowing our equipment and data is protected and allows us to focus on revenue-generating projects for our company.
Vice President
Service Delivery at real estate company
Having Buchanan as our IT partner has equipped us with a wide variety of skill sets and has freed up our resources to focus on driving our business forward. We appreciate their support and partnership and look forward to enhancing our IT solution with them in the future.
Corporate Sales Operation Director
in the automotive industry

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See What’s Included in Our MFA Offering

Multiple Configurations for Secure Access

Buchanan’s MFA solution offers multiple passcode configurations, native hardware tokens, and integrations with a broad range of third-party devices for an easy-to-use MFA solution that fits seamlessly into your users’ daily workflows.

Choose from the following tokens and passcodes:

  • Time-based one-time passcodes
  • SMS passcodes and phone callback
  • Bypass codes
  • Security tokens

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Easy, Effective & Secure Solution

Deploying a multifactor authentication solution across your organization is one of the most practical things you can do to safeguard your business.

Buchanan’s MFA solution works to secure every access point, from on-premises, to web-based, to cloud-based applications. Deployment is quick and easy, and your users will appreciate the painless and intuitive authentication experience.

Protect Your Business Against a Multitude of Threats

The need for a multi-layered cybersecurity solution has increased as companies realize that in today’s threat landscape, passwords alone are not secure enough to protect user accounts and sensitive company information. 

Buchanan’s MFA solution is a simple, scalable solution that protects against a variety of cyber threats, the most common being:

  • Phishing attempts
  • Stolen passwords
  • Social engineering
  • Key logging
  • Brute-force attacks
  • And more
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FAQs About our Multifactor Authentication Services

Multifactor authentication (MFA) isn’t just a security trend, it’s a crucial line of defense for your IT infrastructure.

MFA adds multiple layers of security to ensure that the only person who has access to your data is you. It reduces the chances of unauthorized access, even if a password gets into the wrong hands.

At Buchanan, we ensure your system is protected with this essential security measure – contact us now to get started on your path to digital safety.

Think of MFA as a multi-layered, intelligent security guard. It requires more than just your username and password to gain access.

Additional layers could be something you have, like a mobile device, or something you are, such as a fingerprint.

Our dedicated teams at Buchanan ensure these additional layers of security are seamless yet effective.

It can. At Buchanan, we have extensive experience integrating MFA with various IT systems.

Our flexible a-la-carte pricing options allow you to choose only the needed services. With 35+ years in the business and a 97% customer satisfaction rating, you can trust us to integrate MFA into your existing infrastructure seamlessly.

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