IT Automation

IT Automation Saves You Time and Effort

The world of Robotics and Automation allows routine based business processes to be automated with little to no human interaction. Simplistic, time-consuming tasks such as account decommission and password resets can be supported using robotic processing. How does it work? Self-reliant robots login, read the task, perform the task and in essence handle the process from beginning to end through bots built to support your business. The tasks are performed with no human interaction, saving your team time and effort to focus on larger business needs.

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The Buchanan ABBEY platform is internally built based on 30 years of experience and knowledge gained from helping customers with information technology. We have experience and data to understand the processes that are the most time consuming and cost intensive and sensitive. Our digital automation program becomes your digital workforce, sensitive information is encrypted and we do not keep information, but what makes us unique, is software is our own, saving you a third-party software mark-up.

How Can You Save with IT Automation?

The big question is how does this apply to you and your business? Consider the example below which shows how a manual task is automated to increase efficiency and save time. In this scenario a bot is built in Abbey to orchestrate and manage the task through to completion.

The example below shows that it takes 1.7 full-time employees to complete a simple tasks such as password resets, and with automation, it takes less than one. Assuming an average salary of $25,000, how much can you save annually by utilizing automation? Reallocate talent or eliminate the need for back fill through natural attrition and save on the bottom line.

The Story of Abbey:

ABBEY automation & artificial intelligence is Buchanan Technologies’ automation services platform that was brought online for the first time on February 2, 2017. She is an “Automation as a Service”. Abbey consists of dedicated agent nodes and also includes a collection of multipurpose nodes designed to handle queued requests as they are received by our ticketing systems. This means that Abbey can read a ticket, discern the action that needs to be performed, performs the action and can update and close a ticket automatically.

Abbey started in production supporting a major college, supporting internal Buchanan, and a large architectural customer. Abbey is continually developed to ensure reliable, predictable and dependable operation. We first used Abbey in our Service Delivery Centers where we taught her a variety of different skills that can be performed for any customer. There is a constant build of her knowledge, including enhancing her machine learning and vision capabilities, as we support customers’ proprietary business processes such as account deactivations. Thus far, we haven’t found anything that Abbey cannot do. We continue to enhance Abbey’s road map; however, one thing is clear – Abbey is a huge value add for our customers. She is currently performing administration services within AS/400s, managing Active Directory, checking and troubleshooting Cisco switch ports and performing password resets for Colleges’ internally deployed identity management system. She creates updates and closes tickets within ticketing systems, sends emails and checks ticketing systems for new tasks to perform. Abbey is great for repetitive tasks, tasks that take a long time to complete, actions that require immediate response / action, and actions that are required under compliance of Sox, GDPR, NIST, HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.

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