High Performance Purge

Streamline your databases to reduce cost and maximize performance

Why Use Buchanan's High Performance Purge Solution?

Enterprise-class storage is a critical component of the business application ecosystem. As data growth continues to increase significantly, it is essential to ensure that your overall storage footprint is optimized in order to maximize the performance of the applications and various systems which rely on the underlying storage systems.

Reduce Your Storage Footprint

Implementing a holistic purge solution ensures your data and storage footprint is optimized and growth is managed.

Buchanan’s unique purging solution efficiently removes data that is no longer required so you can more effectively manage your business and storage.

Streamline Costs and Manage Data and Storage More Efficiently

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

As the demands on data availability and storage continue to increase, unmanaged and overloaded storage can take a toll on end user performance as well as operational costs.

Buchanan’s High Performance Purge Solution ensures your storage footprint is optimized and managed efficiently.

Optimize Database Performance

Many purge programs are unable to accommodate very large data sets which ultimately deliver low purge throughput.

In addition, these programs can slow down the overall system, impacting end users and critical business processes.

Buchanan’s High Performance Purge solution can purge millions of records per hour and can elastically scale using our parallel processing compared to standard purge programs which run for days and sometimes weeks.

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