Exceptional Digital Experiences, Designed for Today’s Modern Business

Better Experiences, Happier Customers – Lower Costs.

Orchestrate More Intuitive, Highly-Personalized Experiences That Meet The Moment
And Maximize Your ROI.

In today’s Digital First economy, success means having the agility to deliver seamless multi-channel experiences that meet users at the exact, specific moment in their digital journey.

Meet OLIVR – our advanced CX/EX platform that meets the moment to unlock, accelerate, and enhance customer outcomes every step of the way while giving your business considerable time- and cost-savings advantages.

Create Seamless, Multi-Channel Digital Experiences Tailored to Your Business Needs

With today’s workforce being more broad and diverse than ever, building a modern digital architecture is well beyond the capabilities of most businesses. So why spend the time, energy, and resources necessary trying to orchestrate it all yourself?

Our fully-automated, cloud-based solution comes pre-engineered with leading AI-Powered technologies plus over leading 400 API integrations to enhance and unify your entire digital experience across every touchpoint.

Personalization at Scale

Deliver Extraordinary Digital Experiences Everywhere

For customer-obsessed companies, personalization means treating people like, well – people – and not just a number.

It means turning your customer & employee service engagements into more efficient and intuitive two-way experiences that are tailored to their unique circumstances, behaviors, and values.

Our fully integrated solution gives businesses the agility to deliver seamless, customer-centric solutions that enhance user engagement across every channel.

Delight Your Customers, Differentiate Your Business

Gain Competitive Advantage by Customizing Your Digital Experience Strategy

Our unified, omnichannel approach gives you the freedom, flexibility, and functionality to create a truly customized digital experience strategy that caters to the personalized needs of every user – and helps your business rise above the rest.

Our team works hand-in-hand with you to identify, adopt and integrate all the technologies and support mechanisms needed to optimize your investment while providing seamless, self-service, and agent-assisted customer experiences.

Seamless Automated Workflows

Learn. Adapt. Optimize.

Pre-Engineered to be Future Proof

By capturing and analyzing customer request data, it identifies opportunities for future automation and integration to help:

  • Simplify Operations
  • Prioritize New Services Based Upon Customer-Driven Analytics
  • De-Emphasize Unused Service Requests
  • Support Key Revenue Objectives
  • Lower Overall Service Costs to Maximize Return On Investment


Companies that grow faster, drive 40% of their revenue from personalization than their slowing-growing counterparts.

Orchestrate Your Digital Experience Journey:

Deliver fully-automated, highly-personalized user engagements at scale.

Takes a more human-centric approach using AI and Natural Language processing technology to engage users in the most personal way possible.

Enhances the user experience through reliable, predictable and dependable operations that automate simplify daily IT tasks by simplifying and automating daily IT maintenance needs that free up your team, plus lets you do more with less manpower.

Empowers users by giving them instant access to critical data and applications from anywhere – creating more convenient, frustration-free experiences that increase overall satisfaction.

Escalates tickets to our team of expert agents for more personalized support and quick resolution. And, because our agents are experts in your technologies and processes, you can rest assured resolution times will be second to none.


What Clients Say about Buchanan:

BuchananXM has changed the way we do business by automating the distribution of information to out patients and scheduling follow-up appointments.

Small/Mid-Size Practice

Experience All The Omnichannel Advantages

Our Seamless Service Solution Is Pre-Engineered To Deliver Unmatched Time & Cost Savings Benefits to Maximize Your ROI.

  • Automate & Customize Your IT Strategy
  • Personalize User Engagements At Scale
  • Execute Seamless Multi-Channel Experiences
  • Deliver More Reliable, Predictable, and Dependable Operations
  • Reduce & Simplify IT Tasks
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
  • Reduce Manpower Costs
  • Gain Superior CX/EX Advantages
  • Enhance Company Reputation
  • Easily Adapt & Integrate Future Technology

Lower Your Total Cost of Support by Utilizing Digital Transformation