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Features of Our ServiceNow Services

Our team focuses entirely on understanding your specific needs and goals to improve your business internally and for your customers. Some of the key areas we support include:  

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HR and Workplace Service Delivery

Facilitate workplace case management and compliance with safety standards with the HR and Workplace Service Delivery workflows.

These solutions allow for reserving workspaces and managing shared environments, which is especially relevant in the post-COVID world. This capability ensures that your workplace resources are efficiently managed and safety protocols are upheld.

Customer Service Management

Enable end customers to submit tickets and communicate with support agents effectively with Customer Service Management.

This module allows you to manage client interactions seamlessly as it supports various customer service functions, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Field Service Management

Supports staff working in remote locations with synchronization features, providing mobile access to essential data such as inventory with Field Service Management.

This capability ensures that your field staff can stay updated and perform their tasks efficiently, even in locations with limited internet coverage.

IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Buchanan's IT Operations Management (ITOM) offering integrates different monitoring and alert programs to give you a full picture of your technology systems.

Combining these tools lets you get ahead of issues by spotting potential problems before users are affected. ITOM offers features such as event management, which pulls together warnings from multiple programs in one place. It also includes operational intelligence, which uses artificial intelligence to forecast outages.

Asset Management

Track crucial IT assets throughout their lifecycle with the Asset Management tool.

This module ensures that organizations have accurate records of hardware, software, and other IT assets, helping to mitigate security risks and manage compliance. Effective asset management prevents issues like unauthorized software use and unaccounted hardware, reducing the risk of security breaches and financial loss.

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

Track project costs and align them with strategic goals through Buchanan's Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) module.

SPM allows companies to prioritize projects according to their strategic importance and helps organizations manage budgets, resources, and schedules.

Integrated Risk Management

Ensure policy adherence, streamline the auditing process, and make compliance manageable and transparent with Integrated Risk Management.

Integrated Risk Management is crucial in policy and compliance management and allows for efficient risk evaluation and audit preparation.

ServiceNow Platform Solutions

OARS System for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Automation

CMDB and Asset Management Automation

Our comprehensive ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Asset Management services eliminate manual tasks and discrepancies in asset tracking, providing real-time visibility and accuracy into your IT infrastructure through our expert implementation of automated workflows and third-party integrations. Additionally, we automate processes and integrate data sources to reduce manual effort for our clients. With reliable information at their fingertips, your customers can make informed decisions, and you can work nimbly. 

Common Services Data Modeling

Our Common Services Data Modeling facilitates better data management and enables you to harness the full potential of your ServiceNow platform. Common Services Data Modeling is a CMDB-based framework outlining where to place data for the products in use. Buchanan Technologies enhances your ServiceNow capabilities with our specialized Common Services Data Modeling services to minimize duplicate, incorrect, and out-of-date data. We create unified data modeling, standardizing information across various services and departments. This helps in achieving greater data accuracy, improved reporting, and more efficient workflows. 

Database Management Services
OARS System for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Automation

Turn Continuous Improvement into Continuous Maturity

We can help your organization reach its full potential with ServiceNow solutions designed to evolve and improve over time consistently. Our tools and features data, processes, and people to support continuous maturation. We can help you identify issues proactively, set clear and measurable goals backed by key performance indicators, and create comprehensive task lists by leveraging machine learning and the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) model as a part of ServiceNow. 

Moreover, our team is well-versed in the IT service management maturity assessment that acts as an accelerator for adoption, giving our clients a clear picture of their current process maturity and specific recommendations to enhance the platform’s value over time. 

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With our numerous North American IT help desk support centers operating around-the-clock, you can count on technical assistance 24/7/365, with weekends and after-hours IT support included.

  • We proudly offer on-site technical support to all zip codes/postal codes in the USA and Canada.
  • We offer local IT support in multiple languages, so communication is always easy.


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ServiceNow FAQs

Our ServiceNow solutions stand out due to our extensive experience across various industries and lines of business, our strategic alignment with industry best practices, and our focus on modernizing IT and business functions.

We establish centers of excellence to ensure a unified direction and leverage frameworks like ITIL and SAFe to boost operational efficiency.

Our ServiceNow solutions cater to a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail, and more.

We tailor our services to meet each industry’s specific challenges and regulatory requirements.

We cover IT Service Management, IT Budget Management, Governance, Risk, & Compliance, and Business Service Catalog (Internal & External).

Yes, our solutions are designed to enhance governance and compliance. We implement robust frameworks and tools that streamline policy adherence, risk management, and compliance processes, ensuring that clients meet all regulatory requirements efficiently.

We implement extensive process automation across various business functions, including IT service management, HR, finance, and customer service. Our automation solutions reduce manual tasks, increase efficiency, and improve overall service delivery.

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