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In only the past few years, the use of Managed Service providers has grown significantly in Dallas, Texas as well as the business sector as a whole in the United States and Canada. In fact, a recent CompTIA survey found that two-thirds of the respondents had utilized Managed IT Services & IT Support in the past year. This is a sharp increase over surveys from only a few years before, and can possibly be attributed to the ongoing migration to a Cloud-based workflow by all manner of organizations and businesses.

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Why Use a Top Dallas Managed IT Services Provider?

There are multiple reasons to use a Managed Service Provider for IT Support, but in the history of our clients, we’ve found that visibility, cost savings, and peace of mind top the list. Especially in a large enterprise environment, there can be hundreds to thousands of servers, network devices, and end-user devices, and it would take a lot of manpower and overhead to clearly monitor the health and status of every unit. By using a MSP, you are offered the systems and software they use on an everyday basis, without outlaying capital cost for the systems yourself. Most MSPs can offer this as a SaaS or a fully managed service. They will monitor your entire network, notifying you of any outages, potential failures, attacks, or system crashes, and can also help solve those issues, depending on your service level.

With Buchanan Technologies, our Dallas Managed IT Services & IT Support offerings include:

  • Anti-Virus Protection: An MSP will use centrally managed profiles to update and protect servers and desktops in your environment. As a profile changes, it automatically updates all devices using that profile, providing a manageable way to ensure systems are consistently updated and protected.
  • Managed Backups: An MSP can run daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly backups on workstations, servers, and other devices, helping prevent a major loss of data in both your day-to-day environment, as well as update and back up your disaster recovery files. And, an MSP can help build and manage a Disaster Recovery site if you do not have one. Buchanan Backup services include servers, workstations, mobile devices, and storage repository (SAN/NAS).
  • Cost Savings: Most MSPs have already made an investment in software and systems that support infrastructure and give visibility to everything going on in that network. By utilizing an MSP, you shift your burden from a capital expense, needing to purchase this yourself, to an operational expense. They simply connect your systems to their tools, use their man power and expertise to monitor, do health checks, run alerts and more, providing you the peace of mind that your systems are up and running and virus free.
  • Network Device Management: As an MSP, Buchanan will provide proactive monitoring and end-to-end support for network components including routers, switches, firewalls, and wireless access points/wireless LAN controllers (WAPs/WLCs). Services typically include health monitoring, incident management, and Subject Matter Expert (SME) support.
  • Patching: Many security issues arise because patches are out of date. Using a MSP for patching offers monthly or quarterly review of your servers, depending upon your patching requirements, and scans your systems for the current patches on the devices. Many MSPs offer different levels of patching from auto update monitoring to customized patch lab, updates, and monitoring. Talking to a MSP about your specific patching needs is always recommended.
  • Ransomware Protection: Managed Services providers ransomware packages will offer protection for your servers and desktops by monitoring your network to block ransomware and malware infections. This is done using ransomware specific software that the MSP utilizes and it identifies and prevents the techniques and behaviors used in almost every ransomware exploit.
  • Server Management: This service typically provides management of server incidents thru resolution, system management expert IT support, and escalations to vendors, internal resources, and third parties. It will perform standard health checks that look for 1) application availability; 2) operating system and application status; 3) server logs CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network Interface; 4) perform continual tuning of thresholds. Most MSPs will manage the incident through incident response until the incident is rectified. The level of support received from the MSP is typically a combination of their resources and the client resources.
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