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Cyber Threat Hunting Services & Solutions

Proactively search for threats lurking in your environment and mitigate risks to your business

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What is Cyber Threat Hunting?

Cyber threat hunting is the act of searching through networks and endpoint devices for suspicious activity and potential threats that have evaded detection by other security tools and measures. At Buchanan, we leverage three separate strategies when hunting down attackers in your environment.

Why work with Buchanan for your cyber threat hunting needs?

  • Stop malicious activity before it impacts your business

  • Improve the accuracy and speed of responses

  • Reduce overall risk to your organization

  • Be proactive vs. reactive with your cybersecurity efforts

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Buchanan’s Cyber Threat Hunting Services

The average business has dozens upon dozens of security tools to worry about. Trust Buchanan to manage your most important tools for you. With a fully staffed Security Operations Center, Buchanan provides 24/7/365 support for our managed threat hunting clients.

This support includes an initial consultation to understand your business goals and environment, implementation support and even full implementation for our managed services customers, configuration changes and updates, and alert response by our Quick Reaction Force.

IoC-based threat hunting is the most simple type of threat hunting available and what most of our competitors mean when they say they do threat hunting. Log intensive, this method requires an analyst to search through logs for identifiers (think a known-bad HASH or IP address).

Using this intelligence, our team can detect malware infections, data breaches, and other security threats before they become harmful to your business. 

Additionally, IoCs provide valuable information that can be used to proactively protect your business safe from cyber threats and prevent similar attacks from happening in the future.

Tactics, techniques, and procedures – referred to as TTP – are the activity patterns associated with a specific threat actor or group of actors. TTP-based threat hunting requires a tier 2 threat hunter or above to think like an attacker and look for scenario-based attack evidence throughout your network. Buchanan’s approach to hunting for TTP is systematic and thorough, following MITRE ATT&CK® guidelines.

TTP provides critical intelligence as to how threat actors perform cyber attacks. Leveraging this information, our team can more efficiently identify possible sources of the attack and escalate the threat by correlating it to the activity of known actors.

By consistently reviewing TTP, our team will continuously enhance our investigative processes to recognize suspicious activity and proactively respond to ensure your environment remains secure.

With DFIR, our team scans and analyzes volatile memory from over 1,000 devices per hour, enabling us to proactively use previously labor-prohibitive hunting techniques, leaving absolutely no stone unturned. If there’s anything malicious running or scheduled to run in your environment, our analysts will find it.

The technology that enables our forensic threat hunters is also integrated with our SIEM, launching forensic investigation every time an alert involves an endpoint. This adds a level of accuracy to our work that is unparalleled. Utilizing this process, our experts are able to work with endpoint, network, and forensic evidence, cutting false positives out of our triage process and allowing your team to focus only on validated alerts.

On the Fence About Enlisting Threat Hunting Services?

It’s evident that every organization needs threat hunting as part of their IT security, but it can be challenging to find trained resources that can properly conduct the exercises. 

As threats mature and become increasingly sophisticated, effective threat hunting takes time and resources, and many organizations simply do not have the money or bandwidth to execute a 24/7 threat hunting operation.

That’s why more and more organizations are partnering with managed service providers who can deliver the resources and expertise at a more affordable cost.

Buchanan’s team of expert-level threat hunters analyzes endpoint event data to identify and validate potential threats and deploy the necessary actions to contain attacks and mitigate business risks.