Comprehensive Managed IDS/IPS Services

Prevent hackers from stealing your sensitive data with our managed intrusion detection and prevention services (IDS/IPS)

Avoid Costly Data Loss with our Managed IDS/IPS Services

Harness the power of our intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems (IPS/IDS)

Why choose Buchanan for managed IDS/IPS Services?

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Managed IDS IPS Services

What Businesses Say About our Managed IDS/IPS Services

“We have found Buchanan’s knowledge and customer service to be outstanding and appreciate that they are always there for us when the need arises. We highly recommend Buchanan Technologies for any IT service needs!”
Kimberly A. Hobby
President, Lafe T. Williams & Associates, Inc.
“We sincerely appreciate the trust and dedication that has come from the Buchanan team around our technical demands and do not hesitate in recommending them to anyone needing an IT service partner.”
Business Relationship Manager
in the financial industry
“Buchanan's support gives us hands-off lT management, yet peace of mind knowing our equipment and data is protected and allows us to focus on revenue-generating projects for our company.”
Vice President
Service Delivery at real estate company
“Having Buchanan as our IT partner has equipped us with a wide variety of skill sets and has freed up our resources to focus on driving our business forward. We appreciate their support and partnership and look forward to enhancing our IT solution with them in the future.”
Corporate Sales Operation Director
in the automotive industry
“The Buchanan team is very important. I’m a one man team, so everything we do is running through them.”
Director of IT
Small/Mid-Size Company
“We appreciate how Buchanan is focused on taking the burden off of my team for more mundane tasks.”
Director of IT
Enterprise Organization

Businesses That Trust our Managed IDS/IPS Services

What You Gain With Our Managed IDS/IPS Services

Next-Gen AI Antimalware

Next gen anti-malware software is revolutionizing network security by leveraging AI and IPS solutions to monitor network traffic in real time. 

By proactively monitoring network activity, these solutions can detect malicious network traffic and stifle issues such as malware infections and unauthorized network access before they become costly data breaches. 

With intelligent alerting capabilities, you are notified when suspicious network activity is detected so that any breaches can be stopped in their tracks and further investigated by an IT expert. 

Ultimately, next gen anti-malware software provides a more comprehensive way of monitoring network traffic for malicious activity.

Concerned Over Managed IDS/IPS Costs?

Instead, you should be concerned over the costs you could incur WITHOUT our managed IDS/IPS services.

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Our Other Cybersecurity Services

How are DS IPS Systems Managed

How are IDS/IPS Systems Managed?

Our IDS/IPS services are more than just a security blanket – they give businesses of all sizes and in any industry the peace of mind that their networks are being monitored every day, every hour, and every minute of the year. 

Unlike traditional approaches that require a manual check-in, our services are managed via custom scheduling and 24/7/365 monitoring to ensure that nothing ever shuts off. We use a combination of the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning software together with decades of experience to give our clients an unparalleled cybersecurity solution. 

To make sure your business stays secure, you can trust our dedicated team for top-of-the-line protection.

Proactive Threat Hunting & Mitigation

Proactive threat hunting and mitigation are essential services for any business to protect its assets. Our team of experts quickly analyze your existing security environment, identify security vulnerabilities or weak spots in the existing defense system, and protect the company’s sensitive data using proven technology-based solutions. 

Moreover, we offer streamlined support and reporting capabilities, so that we can gain visibility into suspicious activity and respond to incidents quickly to ensure full protection. 

From automated discovery to policy management, we have it all covered with our comprehensive managed IDS/IPS service offerings.

Comprehensive Managed IDS IPS Services