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Years in Business
Founded in 1988, Buchanan Technologies is a privately-held technology services corporation that has been helping its clients successfully navigate the tremendous shifts in enterprise technology for more than three decades. At the heart of our success is a dedication to working closely with our clients, delivering strategic IT services that assist their business objectives and transform their organizations. We believe in putting people first — and technology second. So while software and hardware technology continues to change, our customer-centric approach to IT never will.
Our Methodology
To ensure that each project we perform is successfully delivered and complete, we employ a seven-step delivery methodology that captures all of the details of your project, from start to finish. Each phase of the process features clearly set milestones that must be met before your project can move forward — ensuring thoroughness and attention to detail every step of the way.

Jim Buchanan – Founder and Chief Executive Officer

The differentiating factor to Buchanan, Jim believes the right way is the only way. Founded as CSSI: Computer Support Services in 1988, in a small suburb of the Dallas/Fort Work Metropolitan area, Jim has grown the company through smart technology advancements, business acquisitions and strong people management. CSSI became Buchanan Associates in 2000 and then officially became Buchanan Technologies in 2009. Jim’s love of IT and entrepreneurial spirit drove the  necessary adjustments that made the successful business Buchanan Technologies is today. “People matter” to Jim and his success proves it.

Stephen Sweett – President

Stephen has been with Buchanan since September 2000, beginning as a Regional Vice President and now serves as President. He attended Saint Mary’s University and has a BA in Economics and Finance. His strong leadership skills encourages the people of the organization to perform at their highest levels and his strength in process flow drives the operations and delivery side of the business to new heights.

Robert Venable – Chief Financial Officer

Robert has served as Buchanan’s Chief Financial Officer for 21 years, since November 1994. Robert has strong business acumen and knowledge in both the legal and financial environments and has continued to bring new ideas, processes, and cost saving strategies to the organization.

Joseph Voeller – V.P. of Field Services

Joseph has been with Buchanan since 2011 beginning as a Director of Consulting services. Through his strong ability to please clients, complete projects with excellence, and grow the business, Joseph has taken on multiple roles throughout the growth of Buchanan and leads all Field work today. His ability to be visionary in his approach, yet detailed in his execution provides a benefit to clients on a day to day basis.