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Managed Desktop Solution

Our Managed Desktop solution ensure desktops are secured, managed, and patched. All infrastructure, software, management tools, and management efforts is included in the solution to ensure desktops are optimized, protected from Virus outbreaks, and patched on a monthly basis to certify compliance.

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Benefits of Managed Desktop

  • Keeps desktops safe and secure.
  • Provided platform keeps infrastructure requirements to a minimum.
  • Includes secured data center and buchanan expert management.
  • Provides Anti-Virus effort to cleanse computers in the event of an outbreak.
  • Security patches installed and verified.
  • Compliance reporting.
  • Ensures virus outbreaks and cleansing activities are addressed.
  • Consumption model costs less than typical Anti-Virus software purchase model.
  • Great ROI.

Features of Managed Desktop

  • Industry Leading Enterprise Platform.
  • SaaS model with independent isolated secure instance for each customer.
  • Tuned and customized to each customers’ requirement.
  • Includes Anti-Virus and PC Management software.
  • Daily Anti-Virus updates.
  • Includes servers and platform in the cloud. No infrastructure needed.

Managed Desktop Deliverables

  • Provides Anti-Virus software.
  • Provides Anti-Virus management.
  • Systems monitoring 24/7 x 365.
  • Provides Windows desktop security patching on a monthly basis.


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