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On-Demand Dispatch

Our IT On-Demand Dispatch service is designed to be your technical hands and feet at remote locations. We offer a North American footprint of technicians that can service most any location in the Unitied States and Canada. This service offers a quick and cost-saving solution for branch offices and remote locations in need of on-site computer services or break/fix assistance. Save travel costs and valuable time by dispatching our technicians within 24 hours of your immediate need.

Recurring On-Site Services (ROSS)

Our ROSS model was developed from our growing customer’s need for consistent and reliable IT help. In need of technical assistance, but not prepared for a full-time hire? This solution provides the same technician on site at your location every week, for the specified amount of days you require. The amount of days can range from 1-3 per week, and the technician becomes familiar with your environment, comes in as you require, handles ongoing work as a supplement to your staff, and saves you the overhead of a full-time employee.