Field Services

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On-Demand Dispatch
Our IT On-Demand Dispatch service is designed to be your technical hands and feet at remote locations. We offer a North American footprint of technicians that can service most any location in the United States and Canada. This service offers a quick and cost-saving solution for branch offices and remote locations in need of on-site computer services or break/fix assistance. Save travel costs and valuable time by dispatching our technicians within 24 hours of your immediate need.
Recurring On-Site Services (ROSS)
Our ROSS model was developed from our growing customer's need for consistent and reliable IT help. In need of technical assistance, but not prepared for a full-time hire? This solution provides the same technician on site at your location every week, for the specified amount of days you require. The amount of days can range from 1-3 per week, and the technician becomes familiar with your environment, comes in as you require, handles ongoing work as a supplement to your staff, and saves you the overhead of a full-time employee.
Recurring On-Site Services (ROSS)
Our Cabling model is an integral solution for Real Estate and Logistic Executives that are in need of one company to manage data connectivity turn up or turn down for multiple regional locations, branch locations or stores. Our cabling team manages every location by utilizing our Cabling Field Services technicians, yet provides the management of the overall project, which typically includes multiple locations all happening simultaneously. By using Buchanan, we provide a consistent quality of work and materials, and instead of managing multiple vendors and multiple invoices, we handle it all under one roof.