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Business Process Outsourcing Services

Personalized customer service and back-office solutions to enhance your end user experience

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Live Contact Support for Your Business

With Buchanan’s business process outsourcing services, increase efficiency throughout your organization and improve end user satisfaction.

  • Solve complex business challenges through customized solutions to meet your needs

  • Deepen customer relationships through excellent communication and positive interactions

  • Reduce and control costs through our competitive offshore, onshore, and nearshore pricing models

  • Build a highly-functioning workforce by utilizing business process outsourcing to fill non-core but critical positions

  • Improve business processes by optimizing resources and streamlining technologies

  • Manage back-office operations including administrative tasks, maintaining records, processing forms, and much more

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Why Buchanan is a Trusted Source for Business Process Outsourcing

The Buchanan team aided us in an121 salon franchise project. Thomas was instrumental in managing, supporting and building the forever relationship with Buchanan. Thomas thank you for your efforts to always aid in helping create the best support strategy for the field, reliable product, and continued process improvement to keep growing. If you are looking for IT Support or need a managing partner for IT think Buchanan

Kelly Rottinghaus

Buchanan has been a significant help to us — and consistently provides expertise and IT support through their IT field services. Most importantly, they’re fast to respond no matter what the circumstances are. They have greatly simplified the process of managing IT at multiple remote office locations. I highly recommend their field support.

Steven Lorenz, CEO, George Brown College

These guys are like family, and they were there when we really needed a managed services company to take over our IT Department.  We appreciate you guys very much!

Fran Stancisco, IT Director , LS Travel

Our Business Process Outsourcing Services

Leverage business process outsourcing to build workflows for common processes related to your day-to-day business operations, including: 

  • Alert monitoring to ensure safety and compliance 
  • Virtual assistance for online queries  
  • Employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Benefit enrollments, changes, and requests

Through email, real-time chat, web, or voice, utilize a business process outsourcing solution to communicate with your end users – whether they’re external customers or internal employees – and assist with general customer service questions.

  • Provide consistent ticket tracking, reporting, and overall management
  • De-escalate issues to provide a better customer experience 
  • Reduce repetitive inquiries with a self-service knowledge base

Incorporate business process outsourcing services into your accounting processes for effortless account and invoice management for you and your customers. 

  • Improve the efficiency of payment operations
  • Manage billing inquiries and resolve disputes 
  • Create digital invoices 
  • Reduce late payments 
  • Eliminate paperwork 
  • Easily make account changes online

In a higher education environment, students must complete various tasks for enrollment, financial aid, housing, and more. Rather than spend time in a queue or visit the registrar office multiple times, use business process outsourcing to create a one-stop-shop for common functions such as:

  • Apply for financial aid and review bills 
  • Complete applications and register for classes
  • University FAQs
  • General student account questions

Buchanan’s business process outsourcing services can serve as an extension of your sales team by providing support across the customer lifecycle and delivering positive experiences with your brand.

  • Onboard customers with training and product support 
  • Enhance your lead generation program
  • Improve customer acquisition and retention
  • Expand into new offerings and services for your customers

As part of our business process outsourcing services, Buchanan can provide field service management solutions ranging from on-demand dispatch to recurring onsite services. With this solution, you will get a trained technician when you need them. Additional benefits include:  

  • Keep remote locations online
  • Schedule services simultaneously 
  • Save time and travel costs
  • Get a dedicated delivery coordinator
  • No contractual commitments

Use Cases for Buchanan’s Business Process Outsourcing

Support an Existing Service

If you’re currently providing support to your end users by taking calls and sending emails, consider leveraging Buchanan’s business process outsourcing services to increase efficiency and provide more streamlined support. 

This also makes tracking customer or employee issues easy through the provider’s ticketing system so you can easily provide updates at any given time. 

Augment a Service

Allow for an enhanced end user experience by augmenting your existing services. By creating workflows and automating processes, your internal resources are freed up to focus on other initiatives.

Additionally,  you can incorporate supplemental communications channels, such as chat or web support, for a quicker resolution to end user issues, questions, or incidents for a quicker resolution of issues.

Expand Operations to 24/7

Customer and employee queries and requests don’t stop when your office closes at five o’clock. By utilizing Buchanan’s business process outsourcing services, your end users can continue to reset passwords, check the status of an invoice, schedule appointments, and much more without having to wait for a human response the next day.

Manage Increased Growth

Is your organization responsible for additional customers and employees from a recent acquisition or struggling to keep up with end user requests due to company growth? If so, you may benefit from business process outsourcing.

These services act as an extension of your internal teams, allowing trained agents to assist with after-hours, weekend only, or 24×7 support based on your ticket count for a quicker resolution of issues, leading to increased end user satisfaction.

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