Managed SIEM

Effectively detect and respond to threats with round-the-clock security monitoring.

Mitigate Your Organization's Cyber Risk

Buchanan’s Managed SIEM (security information & event management) solution ensures your network is as secure as possible at all times. While you and your IT staff focus on more pressing projects, our security experts monitor, analyze, manage, and protect your network from threats 24/7/365.

Why work with Buchanan for Managed SIEM?

Grow Your Business While We Secure It

A common problem with SIEM tools is that they produce too many unprioritized alerts – typically more than an in-house security team has the time to investigate. This could cause malicious threats to remain undetected and infiltrate your network and systems, causing irreparable damage to your business. 

When you partner with Buchanan for Managed SIEM services, our team of expert analysts will handle everything for you – from event monitoring to incident response – so your team can focus on other important tasks that move your organization forward.

Gain a Holistic View of Your IT Environment

The average business today has over 40 security tools in its arsenal, a number that will likely increase as technology continues to advance.

With all of this disparate data, it can be difficult for organizations to properly assess and manage incoming security alerts, leaving them vulnerable to looming cybersecurity threats.

Buchanan’s Managed SIEM solution will collect and combine data from numerous event sources across an organization’s IT and security environment, including networks, firewalls, antivirus solutions, and more, and will analyze the data to identify and validate potential security issues.

Get 24/7/365 real-time protection and monitoring for your business

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Intensive Data Logging and Tracking

Buchanan’s Managed SIEM solution consolidates security information across all your endpoints, helping our analysts mitigate threats to your business. Our team will use this information to determine patterns and identify vulnerabilities to strengthen your organization’s resilience against cyber threats and improve its overall security posture.

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