Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Gain visibility, detection, and containment of threats with best-in-class EDR services.

Achieve Endpoint Security with Managed EDR Services

Buchanan’s Managed EDR services leverages the industry’s most robust and innovative EDR tools, and together with our 24/7 SOC analysts, work to detect malicious behavior across your entire IT environment. 

The result? A significant improvement in your IT security posture by eliminating the gap between detection and response, reducing the likelihood of breaches, and minimizing the impact of threats to your business. 

Benefits of Buchanan’s Managed EDR solution include:

Extend Threat Visibility Down to the Endpoint

Endpoints pose a significant security risk in today’s threat landscape, as they can serve as a key point of entry to attackers if not properly secured. And, with traditional technologies mostly ineffective at detecting the latest threats, identifying and responding to endpoint-focussed attacks can be a major challenge.

With Buchanan’s EDR solution, you can significantly enhance the visibility of attacks targeting your endpoint devices by leveraging an experienced team of threat hunters, advanced technology, and real-time threat intelligence to identify threats that other security controls can miss.

Go Beyond Traditional Threat Detection

While traditional antivirus is an essential piece of a comprehensive endpoint security solution, it is limited in its ability to prevent threats. Additionally, more sophisticated attacks may be invisible to antivirus, and therefore, cannot be stopped by many antivirus programs.

If a threat has bypassed the antivirus and successfully penetrated an organization’s endpoints, Buchanan’s EDR solution will proactively address the threat before it can cause can damage.

Get 24/7/365 real-time protection and monitoring for your business

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To remain vigilant in today’s evolving cyber threat landscape, 24/7 security monitoring is a must. Because threat actors work around the clock to identify network vulnerabilities and execute attacks, so too should your security tools and technologies to provide the most advanced protection possible. With Buchanan, gain peace of mind knowing your environment is monitored for security threats at all times.

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