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Network Assessments Save You Time and Decrease Your Risks

Network Assessments are a critical element to your IT systems, and many businesses do not realize until there is an issue that they have a breakdown in their network, or they are missing the manpower and staff needed to complete the project. As a full Managed Service provider, Buchanan already has the expertise, personnel, and state-of-the-art tools to build and run networks on a monthly basis because that is what we do for our clients every day. Save yourself time and decrease your risks by utilizing our experience to complete a full, partial, or security assessment on your environment. We can manage the project from end to end and you can worry about running your business.

Network Assessment

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Network Assessment Services

  • Full Network Assessments
  • Partial Network Assessments
  • Security Assessments
  • Wireless Assessments

Network Assessment Discover Phase

Our discovery phase will establish a thorough documentation of your current network and inventory all hardware and applications. We check IOS or OS levels, confirm you are not at end of life on any hardware, handle any cable assessments needed, and outline VLANS, routing domains, failovers, and IP subnet designs. In addition, we review QOS configuration and consistency and perform both device profiling and scanning to completely understand the network needs.

Network Assessment Design Phase

Our design phase encompasses an audit and analysis of all information gathered in the discovery phase and identifies any vulnerabilities or concerns. These items are then documented and used in the planning of a solution and design that will increase efficiency, lower risk, and save cost.

Network Assessment Develop Phase

In the development stage, a customized document is created with an extensive list of recommendations and changes to the existing network.

Network Assessment Deploy Phase

The final stage is deployment of all areas of recommendation that you accept. This phase consists of a complete implementation and testing to ensure the network is maximized to the design and delivers on your expectations.

Network Assessment Service Areas

Buchanan Technologies offers our Network Assessment Services, Network Assessment Tools and Network Assessment Reports for all businesses across the United States and Canada. Our IT Infrastructure services also included Unified Communication Services and Cabling and Wireless Services.


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