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Improve your overall systems performance to meet business demand

Ensure Excellent Database Performance

The first step in improving your overall system performance is an end-to-end total systems review.

Buchanan’s systems review entails a comprehensive analysis of your database environment, including applications, middleware, hardware, O/S, and network configuration, which enables our team to identify the advantages and shortcomings of your current infrastructure. 

Benefits include:


Our techno-functional team is comprised of 250+ engineers, specialists, consultants, managers, and executive leaders that understand key technologies and processes – including software, integrations, and applications – and how they impact your business.

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Our Industry Experience

We have experience supporting a variety of industries in their Oracle journey and understand how to effectively manage complex environments. 

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When Should You Perform a Systems Review?

There are a number of reasons your organization might find it beneficial to perform a review of your mission-critical systems. 

Are you having performance or scalability issues? We can identify the root causes and provide the fixes.

Are you planning an upgrade? Our assessments and recommendations can help improve the accuracy and confidence in your planning.

Do you think you need new hardware? We can help you reduce your hardware requirement by improving the performance of your current environment.

Are you planning a merger or acquisition? We can provide invaluable recommendations to ensure your system is ready to handle the growth.

Unlock the Maximum Potential of
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What’s Included in a Systems Review?

During our review and analysis phase, we cover the following areas:

  • Full assessment of current applications in your environment
  • Review of the key business flows and processes
  • Application server tier
  • Database tier
  • Operating system
  • Network and storage
  • Cloud assessment
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud integration

Based on our assessment, we provide a detailed report that includes: 

  • Summary of findings
  • Identification of key problem areas
  • Recommended options to improve performance of key business processes
  • Recommendations to optimize your systems and applications
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The Buchanan Difference

Many consultants today utilize reactive and trial-and-error tuning strategies by tuning the technology stack without understanding the business processes they support. Buchanan uses a “total” systems methodology approach whereas our competitors use a “comfort zone” approach.

Our team of database experts understands the technology stack in addition to having strong functional knowledge of business applications. This expertise and knowledge allows us to understand, analyze, and optimize your entire system while considerably reducing the project delivery time and time to resolution.

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