Overcome Higher Education Technology Challenges with a Managed IT Solution

In 2020, many colleges’ and universities’ daily operations experienced significant disruption and major glitches, causing management to take a critical look at their existing IT infrastructure to determine what steps could be taken to better accommodate faculty and students. As remote and hybrid learning environments continue to become the norm amid the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, […]

How Can a Managed Service Provider Support Remote Learning in Higher Education?

As campuses around the world continue to shift to remote and virtual learning due to the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, IT departments are leaning on their existing infrastructure to support students, faculty, and staff. However, the uptick in demand and increased usage has pushed institutions’ technologies to the limit, causing them to take a […]

Case Study: Humber College Education Support

Buchanan’s IT Service Desk Saves $500K and Improves Service Levels for Humber College The Challenge Humber College was looking for a solution for its Service Desk that supports almost 30,000 full-time students and approximately 5,000 staff and faculty. Humber wanted a solution with more staffing capabilities, a better system for servicing clients faster, and a […]

The Main Benefits & Challenges of Cloud Computing in Education

Benefits & Considerations of Cloud Computing in Education

With the recent push for online courses, digital lesson plans, and remote learning, cloud-based platforms are more important than ever. One Canadian school district reported annual IT cost savings of $12,000 after switching to an Azure-based cloud environment (BuiltIn). This also allowed their IT teams to focus on more important work. In another case involving […]

7 Technology and IT Challenges in Higher Education

The Top 10 IT Challenges in Higher Education

The education industry is tapping into the digital revolution, transforming how students learn, how professors teach, and how institutions operate. With customized learning experiences at the forefront, the industry is seeing the introduction of gamification, digital classrooms, artificial intelligence, internet of things and more. While this brings many positives, there are also many challenges involved […]

5 Benefits of Smartsourcing IT in Higher Education

Technology is rapidly changing the educational landscape and how institutions are operating day by day. With the plethora of platforms, software, and applications available to decision-makers today, it can be daunting for internal resources to work through the logistics of incorporating these technologies into their existing IT infrastructure. We have also seen many universities shift […]