Automation at Scale: BuchananXM Drives 25% Savings in First Month Through Digital Tickets

Key Metrics

35 %

Of overall tickets effectively solved by chatbot

67 %

Savings per ticket by shift from human to digital tickets

25 %

Total cost savings realized in first month

75 %

Potential savings in the first year by digital ticket transition

The Challenge

With its extensive student and staff population, Humber College was looking to use new technology to continue managing its service desk effectively while also looking for cost savings. They needed a solution that would allow growth and scale easily to support their large and growing user base, improve service coverage, enhance metrics for decision-making, and reduce call wait times. The primary aim of the college was to control costs, simplify processes, and achieve a higher first-call resolution rate for end users. 

The Solution

Buchanan Technologies introduced BuchananXM, an advanced customer experience/employee experience (CX/EX) platform, which drives the reduction of human intervention required for ticket resolution and replaces it with a comprehensive solution leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), chatbot technology, robotic process automation, and the use of live agent services as needed.  

With the adoption of BuchananXM, the plan would drive cost savings for Humber College, while supporting its 60,000 active students and staff members. Humber College would utilize BuchananXM to ensure continued, uninterrupted and seamless IT support. The solution would automate a portion of the inbound IT requests and BuchananXM would significantly reduced the burden on IT staff and empower users to find quick resolutions to their issues. The comprehensive platform would be used to successfully handle the scale and complexity of Humber College’s user base, while also improving user experiences and overall efficiency. 

The Results

The institution achieved amazing results in the first month of testing. Humber saw as much as a 67% per ticket savings in just the first month. The BuchananXM chatbot effectively resolved 35% of overall tickets, eliminating the need for human involvement and the higher cost per ticket. This reduction accelerated the time to answer and freed up valuable resources for other critical tasks. While testing just a few ticket types, the transition to digital tickets resulted in a 25% overall cost savings for Humber College in the first month, with projected savings expected to reach an impressive 75% within a year within that one line of tickets. 

In addition, the college utilized a tiered system of pricing and was able to experience a 6% decrease in per-ticket cost using 1st tier pricing, with additional savings projected for the second and third tiers. Furthermore, key metrics showcased the positive impact of BuchananXM, including an increase in calls answered, a decrease in average speed-to-answer time, and a substantial reduction in call abandonment rate. 

Thanks to the innovative automation solution provided by BuchananXM, Humber College successfully transformed its service desk operations. Integrating AI, chatbot technology, and robust support services enabled Humber College to achieve remarkable cost savings, improve key metrics, and enhance user experiences. By partnering with Buchanan Technologies and leveraging BuchananXM, organizations can revolutionize their IT support services, drive efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer experiences in today’s digital landscape. 

Words from the Client:

“Another successful, professional, and innovative engagement with Buchanan. Our city staff love the new look!”
Project Manager

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