Buchanan Drives Digital Transformation for Top Energy Supplier

The Challenge

As one of Ontario, Canada’s premier employers and a formidable presence in the nuclear energy sector, our client recognized the imperative to embrace a digital transformation strategy for sustained competitiveness. Endeavoring to streamline operations and incorporate cutting-edge technologies aligning with the customer journey, they faced ambitious goals. The requirement for specialized IT support capable of adapting to dynamic demands was evident. However, the specialized nature of the project did not warrant long-term, full-time hires.

This transformation extended beyond technology; it encapsulated a broader aspiration for the energy supplier to emerge as a global leader in nuclear energy, reshaping industry paradigms. Involving innovative project development, the endeavor necessitated expertise in implementing Artificial Intelligence and seasoned project management to ensure adherence to timelines, budgets, and the overarching project trajectory.

Effectively steering through an expansive digital overhaul within a rapidly evolving industry landscape necessitated intermittent short-term support. The quest for flexible yet highly skilled talent emerged as a critical and formidable challenge.

The Solution

Positioned as a preeminent Managed Services Provider with a proven track record spanning over three decades, Buchanan proposed a solution leveraging its professional service and staffing arm. Recognizing the pervasive pain point of IT resourcing for many organizations, Buchanan sought to alleviate the burden faced by the energy giant. The proposed solution aimed to provide the requisite skills for the duration necessary to complete the digital transformation initiative, thus propelling the energy giant toward success.

Buchanan facilitated technical and specialized Artificial Intelligence resources to underpin the development of the organization’s custom AI chatbot, serving as a real-time resource for its employee base. The firm’s team of IT-specific recruiters diligently engaged existing relationships, tapping into a talent pool that included AI experts and adept project managers capable of adapting to the swift advancements in the energy sector.

Throughout the initiative, Buchanan addressed specific needs by providing additional, specialized talent for short-term projects. This holistic approach ensured comprehensive support for the multifaceted digital transformation.

The Results

The project delivered substantial time and cost savings for the energy giant, enhancing operational efficiency through the implementation of new systems and processes. Anticipated improvements in employee satisfaction were linked to the swift service offered by the AI chatbot.

In lieu of subjecting their non-technical recruiting team to the intricate task of talent acquisition, Buchanan assumed the responsibility, capitalizing on existing relationship talent within their network. This strategic move expedited the showcasing of AI expertise, minimizing the time frame required to secure the right talent. By ensuring the prompt deployment of skilled resources, the implementation phase was executed with exceptional efficiency, mitigating technical challenges and averting delays in deploying new digital solutions.

The partnership between Buchanan Technologies and the major energy supplier yielded impressive and tangible benefits across multiple facets. Buchanan retains its status as a vendor of record (VOR), and noteworthy team members, initially sourced by Buchanan, seamlessly integrated into new initiatives, attesting to the quality and fit of the talent provided.

Words from the Client:

“Another successful, professional, and innovative engagement with Buchanan. Our city staff love the new look!”
Project Manager

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