IT Data Backup and Disaster
Recovery Solutions

Protect your most valuable assets with the experts at Buchanan.

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Losing access to mission-critical data and applications can be detrimental to your company’s success. 

Why work with Buchanan for Backup Disaster Recovery Solutions? 

Our onsite disaster recovery components and services cover all of your needs.

Never experience downtime or data loss with our premium solutions.

IT Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Our clients trust us to provide the best disaster recovery solutions

“Buchanan provides 24/7 monitoring and management of our lT infrastructure, maintains our service desk, provides break-fix and technical support, and so much more.”
Vice President
Service Delivery at Real Estate Company
“We use Buchanan as our all-in-one IT partner. They provide our service desk, IT infrastructure monitoring and management, break/fix assistance, and more to keep our organization running smoothly”
Executive Vice President/CFO
at non-profit organization
“They have played an integral role with lT projects including the development of our internal SharePoint site, deployment of our phone system, and providing network infrastructure buildout and implementation for a new office location.”
Vice President
Service Delivery at Real Estate Company
Buchanan was able to implement a backup and disaster recovery solution for our organization which has helped safeguard our data and applications.”
Executive Vice President/CFO
at non-profit organization

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Buchanan’s On-Premise Disaster Recovery Components

Site Recovery Configuration Server

This is an on-premises server that runs Azure Site Recovery components, including the configuration server, process server, and master target server.

Buchanan’s Azure Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions

Azure tenant managed by Buchanan Technologies. This cloud disaster recovery services subscription is dedicated, not shared.

Manages, automates and orchestrates server replication from a primary to a secondary location.
A recovery data vault that stores the replica images and data of all protected servers.
Created by Azure Site Recovery at the time of failover.
Automatically routes incoming DNS and web traffic to the recovery site, lowering RTO.
A highly secure isolated location of a failover recovery site, where recovery VMs are created after failover.
Pre-configured to lower RTO and enables a range of Azure resources to securely communicate with each other.

Get Support On-Site in 24 Hours or Less

Receive assistance 24/7/365 for small IT issues or for any disaster that occurs. And protect your business from all types of disasters with business continuity planning and DR plans. 

  • We offer local IT support in multiple languages so that our local customers are able to receive full support in their native tongue 
  • We offer on-site technical support to ANY Zip code/Postal code in the USA and Canada 


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Buchanan Disaster Recovery Solutions
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Buchanan has over 750+ IT experts on staff, who are ready to assis

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Buchanan has over 8 service delivery centers across the globe.

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Buchanan has been operating for over 30+ years.

Managed Data Backup

A solid disaster recovery solution always starts with data backup. 

Without a comprehensive backup solution in place, you will not be able to recover your data and applications in the event of a disaster, increasing your downtime and impacting your business operations.

As one of the leading disaster recovery service providers, Buchanan provides you with a managed backup solution for your most critical assets.

Whether you need on-premise backups, cloud backups, or a hybrid of both, the Buchanan managed backup solution is managed and monitored to verify each backup and replication job completes successfully, with corrective actions being taken upon incident.

IT Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions
disaster recovery solutions

Managed Data Disaster Recovery/DRaaS

Buchanan Technologies’ DRaaS model utilizes Azure technology and capabilities to enable failover of a physical or virtualized environment to a Buchanan-managed data center, in response to a customer-declared disaster. 

The following are included in Buchanan’s DRaaS solution:

  • Provide 100% disaster recovery management and restoration
  • Maintain the disaster recovery plan for all the servers and data in scope
  • Perform annual disaster recovery testing for file restores, server restores, and cloud disaster recovery sites
  • Review production changes monthly and updates disaster recovery services to reflect those changes

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