Cloud Computing for Dummies

Cloud Computing for Dummies

In this free guide on Cloud computing for dummies, you’re going to learn exactly what the Cloud is, how it’s used, why it’s used and also why businesses around the world rely on it to power their IT infrastructure and scale in size, as their need demands. What is the Cloud (for Dummies)? Prior to the invention of the internet (in […]

Benefits of Cloud Business Continuity

cloud business continuity

Leaders in IT are constantly evaluating and implementing new technologies to propel their organization forward while simultaneously being tasked with keeping their network online and securing critical business data. Because resources are burdened with the day-to-day management of IT, some more strategic initiatives, such as business continuity planning, do not get the attention they deserve; […]

Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Cloud Security

There has been regular growth with cloud migration over the last few years. An analysis of over 135,000 organizations showed that global cloud adoption reached 81% in 2018 as measured by enterprise organizations’ use of cloud productivity platforms (Bitglass), and is continuing to increase. Despite the consistent move to the cloud, some businesses are still […]

Importance of Cloud Computing in Your Business Organization

The importance of cloud computing in business organizations has continued to increase, with public cloud spending expected to grow 18% in 2021 according to Gartner. This indicates that the question businesses have been asking has changed from, “if they should move to the cloud” to “when they should make that leap of faith.” The Strategic […]

7 Cloud Computing Security Issues and Challenges

Cloud adoption continues to see significant growth. In fact, according to Gartner, worldwide public cloud end user spending is projected to grow 18% in 2021 totaling $304.9 billion.  However, despite the consistent move to the cloud, some businesses are still not sold, with 66% of IT professionals citing security as their greatest concern in adopting […]

The Cloud: Redundant, Resilient, Secure

Recent events that led to power blackouts in Texas and other parts of the US have highlighted the need for businesses to have a solid network redundancy and disaster recovery system in place. By making critical IT systems redundant, organizations can withstand power outages, winter storms, floods, hurricanes, and even volcanos! One way businesses can […]

The Main Benefits & Challenges of Cloud Computing in Education

Benefits & Considerations of Cloud Computing in Education

With the recent push for online courses, digital lesson plans, and remote learning, cloud-based platforms are more important than ever. One Canadian school district reported annual IT cost savings of $12,000 after switching to an Azure-based cloud environment (BuiltIn). This also allowed their IT teams to focus on more important work. In another case involving […]

How to Overcome The Most Common Cloud Migration Challenges

Moving to a cloud environment can be extremely complex and challenging. Moving data and reconfiguring applications takes time, effort, and planning. Before you can streamline your workflow with cloud-based computing, you should be aware of the most common cloud migration challenges that make the process more difficult. How to Mitigate & Overcome The Most Common […]

The Ultimate Cloud Migration Strategy

Any cloud migration project is a big decision and a complex process. Migrating to the cloud provides your business with bandwidth flexibility while helping you save money on hardware costs. It also keeps your data in safe hands in the event of device malfunction, damage or theft. With so many benefits to cloud migration, it’s […]

How to Create a SharePoint Migration Project Plan

Microsoft SharePoint is known for being one of the best collaboration softwares. The software is pegged as the most secure, reliable, scalable ,and efficient program in the business world. Microsoft wants SharePoint to give users a ‘modern experience’ that’s ultra user-friendly – and the most recent version, SharePoint 2019, does not fail to deliver. The […]