Explaining the Difference Between Break-Fix vs. Managed Services

Break-Fix vs. Managed Services

The debate between break-fix vs. managed services has been a long-time debate for business owners in deciding whether to avail themselves of IT support services. There are differences in scope, expertise, and associated costs. Simply put, break-fix services are on-call IT support that charges whenever you call them over. Meanwhile, managed services allow a provider […]

Automation in the Workforce

Automation in the Workforce

One of the great gifts of technology is doing those repetitive and routine tasks that humans don’t want to do. This process of automation has saved us from all kinds of unenjoyable or annoying tasks: auto-fill passwords, auto-renewal of important subscriptions, etc. And, naturally, business owners are leveraging automation in the workforce in order to […]

The Top 10 Cloud Computing Best Practices to Know for 2023

Cloud Computing Best Practices

Business owners must consistently adapt to changing technology trends to keep up with today’s competitive market. To provide high-quality services to their clients and reduce overall costs, integrating cloud migration and applying the best practices for cloud computing have almost become necessary. More businesses are migrating to the cloud every year to benefit from cloud […]

The Biggest Differences Between EDR vs MDR

The Biggest Differences Between EDR vs MDR

Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of protecting digital information and assets due to the cardinal digital shift — and the risks that come with it. According to statistics, every third US company has invested in cyber liability and data-breach insurance coverage. A business can protect against cyber threats by opting for managed […]

The Importance of Cloud Disaster Recovery for 2023

What is Cloud Disaster Recovery

Disasters can come in the form of natural calamities or cybersecurity attacks. Still, there is no blueprint for a cloud disaster recovery strategy that works for all companies. But that does not mean it’s impossible. This article helps you generate a cloud DR plan that meets your unique needs. It defines what cloud disaster recovery […]

Key Factors that Affect Penetration Testing Cost

Average Penetration Testing Cost

Estimating the average penetration testing cost boils down to several factors. A few of these factors include the number of data centers, IP addresses, and physical locations. Providing organizations with the ability to identify potential vulnerabilities before exposure, penetration tests are considerably less expensive than data breaches, which now average $4.35 million in costs. All […]

What are the 7 Different Types of Penetration Testing?

Different Types of Penetration Testing

When it comes to protecting your business from cyber-attacks, you can never be too careful. In fact, in 2021 businesses reported a disclosure of 28,695 vulnerabilities for the year (the highest ever on record). With so many new and emerging cyber vulnerabilities threatening businesses every day, how can you find out if your sensitive data […]

5 Key Steps to Performing a Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud Security Assessments

Because of the recent shift that has seen the normalization of the remote work culture, over 98% of businesses use cloud-based infrastructure in some way. Because many of these cloud services are delivered via third-party vendors, roughly 57% of companies find it significantly challenging to effectively protect their data across multiple cloud environments—all the while […]

Legacy Data: Data Migration from Legacy Systems

Legacy Data

For most business owners and CIOs, the very thought of the inevitable data migration from legacy systems is enough to make them want to hide under a rock, and it’s no surprise either. After all, most legacy data migrations fail the first time (at a staggering rate of 60%), meaning that essential data is likely […]

Creating a Cloud Strategy Roadmap for the Future

cloud adoption strategies

80% of businesses report improvements in their operations after adopting the cloud and performing successful migrations, as part of their digital transformation. It’s clear that, for most organizations, cloud implementation is a necessary component of maintaining competitiveness in the marketplace. Any attempt to successfully migrate to the cloud must be meticulously planned, because without first […]