IT Partnership Boosts 98% Satisfaction for Top Healthcare Firm

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The Challenge

A renowned healthcare manufacturer, specializing in cutting-edge innovation and breakthrough technologies in both vision products and surgical care made a strategic decision to transition away from its incumbent Managed Service Provider (MSP). The motivation behind this shift was to engage with a service provider capable of delivering tailored and customized solutions, addressing the organization’s unique requirements across multiples geographic areas.

To facilitate this transition, the organization initiated a meticulous Request for Proposal (RFP) process to identify a new MSP partner. The goal was to find a provider that could offer the personalized touch of a boutique service while possessing the expertise and experience to manage a diverse scope of work. This included overseeing a Global Service Desk, multiple facets of IT Service Management, and providing on-site, hands-and-feet assistance at both headquarters and remote locations for day-to-day support.

The organization sought a true MSP partner—one that could seamlessly blend the characteristics of a boutique provider with the seasoned capabilities required to handle the intricacies of a comprehensive service portfolio and a large end user base while focusing on enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring optimal support across the global landscape.

The Solution

Buchanan Technologies presented a comprehensive solution that outlined a commitment to a partnership centered on delivering tailored IT support and a wide-ranging spectrum of technology expertise across North America. The proposed scope of work encompassed the management of a multi-language Global Service Desk, IT Service Management, and remote Field Support tailored to multiple languages and diverse locations.

The proposed IT service desk would be designed to handle all level one and level two tickets, catering to a substantial employee base of up to 50,000 individuals. Services offered would include troubleshooting, software support, password resets, and various other support functions. Additionally, the offering extended to desktop support, batch processing, infrastructure monitoring, and problem management. Buchanan would also provide IT resources and skillsets to supplement the in-house team as needed, implement asset management protocols, and deploy on-site technical resources at both the headquarter location and remote locations spanning North, Central, and South America.

Customized on-site resources would deliver a range of support levels spanning from executive-level, white-glove support to traditional desktop assistance providing a flexible and tailored approach, ensuring that the client would receive the precise support needed across different organizational levels and functions.

The Results

There have been significant strides made in collaboration with the healthcare manufacturer. The partnership not only weathered the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, when scalability and profitability became paramount, but has ultimately led to continual and substantial improvements in customer satisfaction and overall IT management.

One of the key achievements has been the enhancement in responsiveness to customer and employee inquiries. A concerted effort from both Buchanan and the partner led to an impressive 98% customer satisfaction rating.

Working closely with the client’s in-house knowledge manager, Buchanan’s team actively executed content creation, updates, and maintenance, alleviating the immediate workload of the client, but aimed at improving self-help options and overall satisfaction. The self-help articles were strategically identified through reporting and data analytics, focusing on frequently requested support. The supplemental creation of a knowledge base for self-service, and an improved process flow helped fuel the success with an estimated average of 34,000 annual incidents effectively and efficiently resolved.

And finally, Buchanan’s on-site field services team played a pivotal role in managing incidents across North America. The flexibility and responsiveness of the team was shown when they swiftly responded to an unforeseen re-branding exercise, providing essential technology and process support. The project involved the re-branding of 50,000 devices across the organization’s footprint of locations. The dedicated service delivery manager seamlessly coordinated the required support, enabling the healthcare manufacturer to complete the re-branding exercise in a remarkable timeframe of just three months.

The partnership has demonstrated how a customized, cost-effective, and flexible approach of MSP services can increase overall customer satisfaction and drive better performance.

Words from the Client:

“Another successful, professional, and innovative engagement with Buchanan. Our city staff love the new look!”
Project Manager

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