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Managed Desktop as a Service

Enjoy enhanced accessibility and end user productivity with Buchanan’s Managed Desktop as a Service

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Simplify Your Business with a Desktop as a Service Solution

It is more important than ever to equip employees with an end user experience for the modern workplace. This can easily be accomplished with Buchanan’s Managed Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution. DaaS gives you the power of fully-managed virtual desktops with a hands-off approach, so you can focus on more pressing business initiatives. 

Benefits of Buchanan’s Managed DaaS solution include:

  • Simplified administration with no infrastructure to manage

  • Technology available anywhere

  • Scalable solution that grows with your workforce

  • Streamlined and simplified application management

  • Easily standardize desktop profiles and provide a consistent experience for your end users

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Additional Benefits of Buchanan’s Desktop as a Service

Organizations are adopting a Desktop as a Service solution at a rapid rate due to the fact that DaaS can be accessed from nearly any device with an internet connection.

This means that employees can access their desktops regardless of where they are, which has proven to be extremely beneficial in today’s largely remote workforce.

Businesses utilizing Buchanan’s DaaS solution can equip their employees with the technology to work from anywhere, meaning that they are not tied to a physical office or workstation. This allows them to work from home or be out of the office and still respond to pressing emails and customer requests so that important business tasks and projects are not interrupted or delayed.

DaaS can provide lower operating costs and capital expenses for businesses in several ways, but perhaps most notably is the elimination of purchasing, management, and maintenance of virtual desktop infrastructure.

It can also reduce or eliminate rent expenses (and associated utility costs) as employees can access critical applications from anywhere, rendering the traditional office model unecessary.

Businesses utilizing DaaS can also implement BYOD strategies, giving employees the option to choose their preferred hardware and allowing the company to remove that expense from their budget and shift those savings to running the business.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to keep up with cyber attacks. By incorporating Buchanan’s DaaS into your IT strategy, you are also gaining access to our world-class security experts who can enforce strict desktop management protocols for your business that provide full control of your employees’ desktop and data.

DaaS gives you peace of mind that your business’s valuable data and applications have an added layer of security to protect against malicious threats.

As remote working becomes the norm, there are significant concerns around employees regularly performing updates and incorporating new applications on their devices. It is also difficult to coordinate with a remote workforce to bring in physical devices for patching or upgrades.

Because desktops are centrally managed with a DaaS solution, IT teams can easily push updates based on specific images. Once a change is made, every user will automatically be operating on the latest version.

Buchanan’s DaaS solution allows virtual machines (VMs) to get their computing power from the cloud rather than relying on local machines.

This reduces demand for endpoint devices, allowing organizations to extend their hardware refresh cycle, saving money in the long run. 

DaaS also makes it easy to enable and enforce a BYOD policy which can eliminate the need for companies to significantly invest in new hardware.

Satisfy Technology Requirements for an Ever-Changing Workforce

In today’s workforce, full-time employees are not the only people needing access to a company’s technology and applications. Seasonal workers, contractors, call center employees, and more are becoming part of regular operations for many businesses. That said, they may not necessarily require the same technology or may only need it for a specific amount of time. 

With Buchanan’s Desktop as a Service, this can be easily accomplished by assigning a virtual desktop to an individual or specific group of people based on their job requirements. When their tenure comes to a close and they no longer need access to your company’s data, Buchanan can quickly and easily reduce the virtual desktop count.

DaaS is also an incredibly scalable solution, so user workstations can be easily added when needed.

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Create a Desktop Experience for Every Business Segment

Access to specific data and applications within an organization can vary depending on department, seniority, and more. For example, employees in marketing will almost certainly require different applications than those in finance or human resources.

With DaaS, Buchanan can create a desktop image – or experience – and quickly and easily equip all the segments of your business with the applications they require for their job. 

DaaS also allows for real-time updates to desktop experiences and the ability to assign user access at the click of a button.