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IT Service and Help Desk

Need Technical support for critical IT services and projects?

We’ll give you 24/7/365 access to skilled service desk agents to keep your business running smoothly and around-the-clock.

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Banish All IT Problems

Don’t let the lack of in-house service desk capacity affect your end user experience or from accomplishing your critical IT needs.

  • Options for a fully dedicated service desk means you can use help desk agents that are exclusively staffed for your business’ needs and understand your environment inside out.

  • Comply with regulatory needs and support your business through bilingual support for all your IT requirements.

  • Have 24/7/365 support so any technical incident can be resolved instantly without headaches, whenever they happen.

  • Keep critical IT services and projects running with skilled North American agents and offshoring options that ensure your projects stay on track and on budget.

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Why Work with Buchanan IT Support Helpdesk Services?


Save Internal IT Resources

Get your IT team off break-fix management and help them channel their energies on projects that move the sales needle.

Reduce IT Budgets

Solving a higher volume of tickets with a Level 1 service desk increases your end user satisfaction by solving tickets faster, while also reducing your costs.

Get Support On-Site in 24 Hours or Less

If our agents can’t solve your problem over the phone, we are one of few MSPs that have a dedicated team able  to reach any zip/postal code in North America.

Top-tier IT Service Desk Services

We operate 6 North American IT help desk service centers, so you can receive assistance 24/7/365, with weekends and after hours IT support included.

Guaranteed IT Outcomes

When you sign up with Buchanan, you get an ironclad guarantee and service level agreements that testify to this claim.

Solve Issues for Good

We’ll proactively eliminate recurring issues by keeping track of your past tickets in a knowledge base, and using them to solve issues faster while proposing long term fixes.

See Why Businesses Say We have the Best Service Desk Support

“We’re extremely happy with what Buchanan was able to do for us, and we are finally able to provide our users with round-the-clock support. Buchanan came in and provided us with the discipline and expertise needed to get us on track. Our users are happy and better supported. It’s changed the way our business operates for the better.”

Mike Drzycimski , Director of Network Operations, Colonial Savings & Loan

“Buchanan’s flexibility to use their existing ticketing tool without any capital outlay, their proven processes and certifications, and their reporting functionality has made a huge impact both financially and on our ability to deliver excellent service to leadership and end users.”

Ryan Burton, Director, IT Planning & Client Services Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Our Service Desk Services Include:

  • Device & Hardware Support
    From laptops & workstations to printers and mobile devices, we’ll give you one number to call anytime things go down. We’ll get your team back to business, so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Software Support Helpdesk
    Your business runs on more software than you’d probably care to admit. When software issues strike and systems go down, our helpdesk team is available to help 24/7.
  • Customized Support Options
    Don’t get stuck picking between fixed price contracts that don’t fit your needs. We’ll deploy a solution that’s fully customized to your business needs. Whether it’s 24/7/365 help or another customized solution.
  • 24/7/365 Remote Support
    Whether you need help filling gaps on evenings and weekends, or coverage all year – our IT helpdesk service desk support teams are available when you need them.
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    When you call our helpdesk, every event is tracked and reported in a comprehensive dashboard. You’ll see detailed information about the problems impacting your team, and how we solved it.
  • Microsoft Office Suite Support
    Whether it’s Office 365 support or custom upgrades, our expert team will meet and exceed your expectations.

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Resolve Urgent IT Issues Within Your Budget and Maximize End-User Experience with the #1 IT Helpdesk


24/7/365 Managed Helpdesk

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Workday Only Helpdesk

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After Hours/Weekend Helpdesk

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See What’s Included in Buchanan’s Basic IT Service Desk Coverage

  • User profile assistance
  • System configuration issues  (i.e. drivers, registry errors, systems performance, etc.)
  • Wired or Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Support (Bluetooth and RF)
  • External storage support (USB Flash Drives and Hard Drives) *Excludes data recovery
  • External storage support (USB Flash Drives and Hard Drives) *Excludes data recovery
  • Monitor Support (Resolution settings, dual display configurations, mirroring)
  • Connectivity Support Wi-fi Client Support, Network Printer Support, VPN Support, Air-Card Support
  • Printer work-around (mapping to different printer to get job completed)
  • Escalation Support
  • Phone support Desk Phone and Soft Phone Support
  • Configuration Support
  • How-To Support (conferencing, speed dial programming, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2003-2013, Adobe Suite, Lotus Notes, Java, Internet Browser (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • Installation, Configuration and Compatibility Support
  • AD, Phone System, CRM (i.e. SalesForce)
  • Installation, Configuration, How-To, Troubleshooting
  • AD/SW Client Support (Installation, removal, DAT/AV Patching)
  • Identification and removal activities
  • Smart Phones and Tablets (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile)
  • All administration for AD accounts, File/disk, Outlook accounts, VoIP System accounts, Voicemail accounts, SalesForce accounts, and other systems (i.e. company portals, SharePoint, Oracle, Java, etc.)

IT Support Helpdesk Packages

Don’t simply throw cash at the problem willy-nilly. Fix urgent IT problems without breaking your IT budget by creating a custom managed services package using any of our IT services.

We also offer one-time IT project support that lets you implement critical IT tasks ASAP without a long-term commitment.

Your business can operate seamlessly with a full-service helpdesk that has agents who are 100% dedicated to your business and your environment.

Resolve urgent IT issues within your budget with a hybrid IT support desk where you can get maximum coverage without breaking the bank. A leveraged help desk provides you the support and cost advantage with a plan that shares service agents amongst others.

Grow your team and productivity without increasing your overhead. A hybrid service desk support plan offers full-time expert staff at your business with a team of agents at our delivery center.

Ensure Your Teams Stay Productive

Your business has clientele across the globe. We understand the criticality of around-the-clock functionality; that’s why our 24/7/365 service desk will eliminate downtime at all your offices and satellite locations. 

With one service desk contract, you’ll get consistent service so your teams remain productive and clients happy. 

Your IT Will Work Flawlessly. That’s Our Guarantee.

We take our SLA commitments seriously. We’ll meet and exceed your expectations, so you don’t have to worry about revenue loss or data theft. If we don’t meet your standards, we’ll correct the issue within 30 days.


Get Back to Doing What You Do Best: Growing Your Firm.

We’ll give you access to an experienced IT leader who knows your industry inside and out. When you need priority help, you will know who to call so that the stress of managing IT is off your plate.

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