The 7 Security Operation Center (SOC) Benefits

(SOC) Benefits

SOC benefits are among the few counter forces preventing cyberattacks and data breaches.  With more than 155.8 million individuals affected annually and more than 60% of targets being businesses, it’s essential for organizations to safeguard their data and processes from internal and external cyber threats. Further accelerating the escalation in malicious cyber activity would be […]

MSSP Cost & MSSP Pricing: An In-Depth Guide

MSSP Cost & MSSP Pricing

An increasing number of businesses are outsourcing their IT security needs. Though there are many good reasons for this, it comes down to basic economics.  The cost-benefit ratio of partnering with a managed security service provider (MSSP) is superior to in-house solutions. So if you’re deciding whether an MSSP is right for your business, you’ll […]

4 Reasons Why Cybersecurity is Important

The world is more connected to and reliant upon technology than ever before; in fact, there were more than 10 billion active IoT devices in 2021, with this number estimated to surpass 25.4 billion in 2030, according to research. This growth of connected devices, remote workforces, and the increasing cybersecurity skills gap are just a […]

SIEM Pricing & SIEM Costs

The cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, with attacks growing in both volume and sophistication. In fact, according to Check Point Software’s 2022 Security Report, cyber attacks against organizations worldwide increased by an average of 50% in 2021 compared to 2020. What’s more, data breach costs rose from 3.86 million to 4.24 million in 2021 per […]

Outsourcing Your SOC: Is It Worth It?

Should You Be Outsourcing Your SOC? For an organization to run its own SOC, a 2020 Ponemon study found that they’re spending an average of $9.9 million a year. Even with this staggering figure in mind, many businesses are asking themselves if SOC outsourcing is a better option than keeping or building an internal Security […]

3 Threat Hunting Techniques You Should Know

effective threat hunting

Examining the three most common threat hunting techniques that are used, successfully, today.  Cybersecurity continues to be a primary concern for businesses of all sizes. And with good reason, especially when you consider that the use of malware increased by 358% through 2020 and ransomware usage increased by 435% compared to the previous year, according […]

Endpoint Visibility: The 3 Best Practices

In today’s dynamic business environment, a multitude of endpoint devices are being used by employees to complete their work. In fact, according to a survey by Forrester, about 74% of information workers used two or more devices for work, while 52% used three or more!  An endpoint device is any LAN- or WAN-connected piece of […]

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Week 3: Why You Should Consider a Cyber Career

Cybersecurity is one of the hottest sectors today, with new threats and challenges emerging each day. And with that, there is a huge push being undertaken by both business and education sectors to attract individuals toward a degree and career in cyber. Interested in joining this exciting new workforce? Here are a few reasons why […]

Choosing the Right Security Framework for Your Business

An effective cybersecurity strategy requires thought, planning, and execution. But with so many security tools, services, and standards to choose from, figuring out a course of action can be daunting. Companies need a frame of reference – a model they can follow to make the right security investments. That’s why cybersecurity frameworks exist; they provide […]