Managed Services vs Professional Services: The Major Differences

As the importance of technology in the workplace increases, businesses are continuously investing in new tools and resources to establish a modern digital workplace for their employees, enhance the customer experience, and prepare for future growth.  However, a common obstacle many organizations face is a lack of resources within their in house team to manage […]

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing IT Services

database managed services

Understanding the types of IT outsourcing pros and cons businesses face is essential. From gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace to reliable technology management delivered by certified IT experts, the advantages of IT outsourcing are widespread. Also equally important to know would be the disadvantages of IT outsourcing.  Remember, not all managed service providers […]

Top Challenges Information Technology Professionals Will Face in 2022

What are the Top Challenges of Information Technology

Businesses are reliant on the information technology that they use.  From managing remote work employees, to creating automated workflow processes, to mastering a digital transformation to the cloud – information technology is the conduit for any organization.  Without a secure IT infrastructure, business operations can experience technical problems that result in lost productivity and information […]

SOC-as-a-Service Pricing & Costs

SOC-as-a-Service Pricing & Costs image1

With all of the cyber threats that exist today, it is no longer optional to have a security operations center (SOC) as part of your IT security solution.  Some organizations opt to run their SOC in-house. However, this can be a very expensive and time-consuming operation to maintain. Fortunately for businesses that can’t justify building […]

The Managed Services Model: Everything You Need To Know

In today’s increasingly technical and complex business environment, it can be challenging for IT leaders to effectively manage their suite of technology applications and tackle day-to-day issues while maintaining operational excellence and controlling costs. Whether it be a lack of skill, resources, budget, or technology – or another reason entirely – many organizations opt to […]

Outsourcing Your SOC: Is It Worth It?

Should You Be Outsourcing Your SOC? For an organization to run its own SOC, a 2020 Ponemon study found that they’re spending an average of $9.9 million a year. Even with this staggering figure in mind, many businesses are asking themselves if SOC outsourcing is a better option than keeping or building an internal Security […]

MSP vs MSSP: Making the Best Choice

Modernized organizations rely on technology and its underlying support infrastructure to perform important tasks and execute day-to-day business operations.  In addition to keeping these critical IT systems functioning, it is equally as important to ensure they have adequate protection from cyber threats.  Many businesses will engage a service provider to manage these efforts if they […]

Technology in the Workplace: The Importance, Benefits, and Advantages

Over the past several years, technology has become an essential part of our day-to-day lives, both personal and professional. For businesses specifically, technology in the workplace has completely redefined operational processes as well as consumer behaviors and expectations.  In fact, according to a McKinsey Global Survey of executives, 93% of companies surveyed said they had […]

6 Different Types of Managed Services

Different Types of Managed Services

We know that there are numerous benefits and advantages of leveraging managed IT services, including cost savings, faster response times, reducing risks, maintaining compliance, and more. As a managed service provider, we want to help consumers understand the different types of managed services that exist so that businesses can make the most informed decisions when […]

Digital Workplace Trends

Digital Workplace Trends You Need to Know

Though technology has played a critical role in day-to-day business processes for quite some time, the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly accelerated digital transformation over the past 18 months. During this time, many organizations were forced to adopt a work from home model, and therefore, had to embrace new technologies and digitized processes that could support a […]