The 9 Major Benefits of Digital Transformation

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Oracle’s E-Business Suite (EBS) software is a premier Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that has been successfully used by many organizations around the world.

EBS Cloud helps businesses automate and simplify processes like order management, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, financials, and other business processes, and has been among the top choices in the on-premises ERP era.

Since then, ERP has evolved into a Software as a Service model, and Oracle ERP Cloud offerings like Oracle Fusion Cloud have become prevalent in the marketplace. That said, there is certainly still a place for EBS implementations, especially when paired with a cloud migration strategy.

Traditionally, EBS on cloud has been deployed on commodity hardware that was sized based on initial deployment requirements, with additional hardware being added or upgraded as the scalability and performance needs grew over time, Oracle notes.

However, this approach can be time consuming and make it difficult for organizations to take advantage of the current trends in cloud computing, which has become increasingly important in today’s dynamic business and IT landscape.

This article will examine some key benefits and considerations for business leaders when looking at migrating their on-premises ERP solution to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

A Closer Look at Oracle EBS Cloud Benefits

As more and more companies turn to cloud solutions, the benefits of migrating on-premises Oracle E-Business Suite environments to the cloud will only continue to grow. Here are a few major benefits of an Oracle EBS cloud solution.


According to Gartner, 40% of enterprise workloads will be deployed in the cloud by 2023, up from only 20% in 2020. In order for organizations to remain relevant and meet the growing demand for digital innovation, it is essential they accommodate the ongoing trend toward cloud infrastructure.

Businesses that embrace emerging technologies, including the cloud, are seen as industry leaders that customers trust.

Migrating an Oracle EBS deployment to the Oracle Cloud will not only modernize business applications, but will also give organizations the ability to adopt cutting-edge technologies, improve functionality, and make new services available to their customers quicker. This will increase brand awareness and establish a competitive edge.

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Businesses must be able to adapt and respond to changes that often occur in a business environment, such as acquisitions, globalization, regulatory or process changes, and more.

Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure offerings are elastic and allow IT teams to scale their infrastructure up or down or add computing power as business needs change in a matter of minutes. This scalability reduces the need for upfront costs and decreases wait times for hardware and other resources.


One of the primary concerns when it comes to EBS on cloud infrastructure is security. Because cloud hosting makes remote access easier to obtain, this can create a perception of vulnerability. However, E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud is designed to provide organizations with highly available and redundant infrastructure.

When properly implemented, cloud-hosted infrastructure is typically more secure than traditional data centers, and organizations can rest assured that their data will remain safe while still being easily accessible to employees and customers alike – regardless of their location.

Furthermore, hosting assets in the cloud ensures data is replicated across various locations, so businesses can retrieve mission-critical data in the event of an outage to minimize downtime and maintain operations.


The cost effectiveness of a cloud ERP solution is also a major plus. Along with the benefits listed above, an E-Business Suite deployment on OCI is actually cheaper than running it on-premises or in another cloud; up to 38% less than on-premises and 44% cheaper than running on another cloud, according to Oracle.

Additionally, businesses can transform large, inconsistent CAPEX expenditures to a more predictable OPEX model, pay based on usage, and utilize their own Oracle licenses to leverage existing investments.

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As you can see, there are many compelling reasons to transition to an Oracle E-Business Suite cloud solution and cloud services in general, namely the power to innovate, more flexibility, increased data security, and a lower TCO than either on-premises or other cloud approaches.

Buchanan’s team of experts can lift and shift your on-premises Oracle environment to the Oracle Cloud, provide ongoing management of your cloud environment, and proactively maximize your technology investment. This helps your organization leverage the benefits of the Oracle EBS Cloud infrastructure and platform to the fullest.

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