What Exactly is Oracle Cloud?

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Learning what Oracle Cloud is and how businesses leverage it are among the first steps taken by business leaders to meet their evolving IT needs.

As a comprehensive platform of public cloud services, Oracle Cloud supports a wide range of enterprise-ready applications while allowing organizations to create and run custom applications tailored toward their business processes and existing cloud environments.

During a time when maintaining high performance and agility are a must, there’s a reason why more and more businesses are leaning on Oracle databases and managed cloud services.

In fact, according to data published by Statista, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure adoption has increased from 5% in 2017 to 32% as of Q4 2020. With adoption on the rise, this article will help you understand the advantages you may gain with Oracle’s cloud platform by answering the following questions:

  • What is Oracle ERP Cloud?
  • Why Oracle Cloud is leveraged
  • What are the use cases for Oracle Cloud?

What is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a public cloud that is designed to run enterprise applications. These applications include tools that help business leaders accelerate existing processes while aiding in strategic business decisions.

Sometimes OCI platforms also support tools and services for constructing new cloud-native, open-source, and mobile applications, all on a unified network interface.

One of the main reasons why Oracle Cloud is a premier cloud-based ERP is its contributions to ERP solutions, which often improve business processes for:

  • Accounting: Oracle’s general ledger provides highly automated financial processing
  • Data management: Improve the adaptability and responsiveness of your master data
  • Project management: Foster efficiency by automating manual business processes
  • Autonomous database: Automate database tuning, security, backups, and tasks

These and other supported applications are available as ERP systems add-ons for Oracle ERP Cloud.

What is Oracle Cloud?

6 Reasons Why Oracle Cloud is Used by Businesses

More businesses are depending on real-time ERP solutions provided by Oracle Cloud to cost-effectively manage and accelerate day-to-day business processes. In fact, Oracle Databases can lower costs by 66%. Additional reasons why businesses are leveraging Oracle Cloud include:

1. Streamline Digital Transformations

Legacy applications can be cumbersome to migrate to the cloud. With OCI, businesses can strengthen digital defenses with custom security chips, improve scalability within a flex infrastructure, and simplify the entire cloud migration process.

2. Built-In Security

Most public cloud applications are built as they become larger and more functional, with security often being an add-on implementation. With OCI, security is integrated into the infrastructure of its cloud platform, allowing businesses to benefit from industry-grade security free of charge.

3. Superior Price-Performance

OCI offers uniform pricing across more than 30 supported data cloud regions worldwide with predictable billing.


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4. Comprehensive Cloud Strategies

Oracle Cloud is designed to support a broad range of cloud deployments for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud migrations. With OCI, businesses can move on-premises environments to the public cloud while tapping into a comprehensive set of multi-cloud solutions.

5. Autonomous Services That Secure, Tune, and Scale Apps

Oracle implements automation and additional workload-specific optimizations with the Autonomous Database for key use cases such as:

  • Data warehousing
  • Document databases
  • Transaction processing

Additionally, Oracle fully automates with Autonomous Linux, which automatically performs patches and updates while the system is running, thereby ensuring 99.9995% availability.

6. Complete Application Support

Oracle provides end-to-end application support for moving and extending applications. With Oracle, businesses can:

  • Move applications without the need of re-architecture
  • Optimize workloads leading to decreased manual work
  • Extend the functionality with new APIs and interfaces

Is Oracle Cloud Right for You?

Organizations that are struggling with their legacy systems are likely in need of ERP implementation with Oracle Cloud. Additional signs that indicate businesses may need Oracle Cloud implementation in the future include:

  • Growth Issues: Software limitations are common amongst legacy applications that weren’t designed to support, scale, and modernize with business growth.
  • Interoperability Through Disparate Systems: When business applications and resources grow increasingly incompatible with each other, it’s a sign that an update is in need.
  • Customer Expectations Aren’t Being Met: Businesses that fail to accommodate their system to their employees and customers needs (such as mobile support) risk losing business to competitors.

Are You Ready for Oracle Cloud? Find Out With Buchanan

Oracle Cloud offers organizations turnkey applications and proactive cloud support to improve day-to-day business operations. With the power of Oracle Cloud behind you, your business can benefit from:

  • Hardware cost savings
  • Increased business agility
  • Faster networking and storage capabilities
  • Scalable work-specific business processes
  • Improved short-term and long-term efficiency
  • Automating routine manual tasks to foster productivity
  • Real-time analytic capabilities to improve customer service
  • And more

Remember, your business is bound by the capabilities of your technology. With the Oracle Cloud platform, you can remove technology limitations by tapping into the power of cloud computing.

To discover why Oracle Cloud is right for your business, partner with Buchanan, an award-winning IT company that understands and goes the extra mile to ensure your technology needs are being met.

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