What is Managed Services?

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Managed Service Offerings

At Buchanan Technologies, we’ve been working for 30 years to offer quality service to our customers through the latest technology. Our Managed Services offering helps mid-sized business and global enterprises consolidate IT infrastructure, keep systems on-line, secure, and provide valuable data for business decisions. We’re first and foremost a technology company, but our business is built around the people and communities we serve. Throughout the years we’ve grown alongside them, expanding our culture and technology knowledge to accommodate any need that might arise. With such a broad array of clientele, it must be difficult providing the same quality of care to every individual customer, right?

Not at all. We’re the exception to the rule. We can support a global enterprise or a local franchise — we treat you like a partner. Our Managed IT services are designed to accommodate any need, at any level. Whether you need help setting up and monitoring new servers or just a bit of guidance on your desktop hardware, we can help.

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What is a Managed Services Offering?

Well, it’s managing all the components of your network to make sure they are optimized, secure and running at peak performance. It’s helping you identify failures, possible failures, or systems running at capacity that need to be addressed, all in a pro-active manner. It’s helping you ensure your data is secure and doing all we can to protect the transfer of data both internally and externally from your system.

Typically, a Managed Services offering is broken into three components…

Server Management

Managing and updating servers is a difficult and time-consuming task. They need to be handled with care, as one misstep could result in setbacks, lost data, and delays across the company. You need to monitor and manage your network, including on premise, cloud, and virtual servers, however your internal staff only has so much bandwidth in a week, right? Keeping an eye on the current health of your servers and notifying you if anything is amiss is where the Managed Services offering shows value. Managing your patches, monitoring and managing system threats, and ensuring backups are all examples of the business process support that is performed by a Managed Service Provider, allowing your team to focus on assisting the local office. Below are the categories of server management that Buchanan Technologies offers:

  • Threat Protection
  • Monitoring
  • Management (Windows and Linux based servers)
  • Patching
  • Backup and Restoration

Within each category we offer choices to best fit your needs. We’ve grown our company with the belief that you shouldn’t have to struggle with your IT infrastructure. From the most mundane patch to mission critical monitoring and back-ups, our experienced team is here to secure and control your data.

Network Devices Management

The larger your company, the tougher it is to provide consistent, quality connections to your staff. Do you even know how many network devices you have? Keeping switches, routers, and firewalls up and running keeps your network risk of breach lower, and a network device service takes the pressure off of your team by providing the peace of mind that you are running at 100%. Whether it be health monitoring, automated alerting, configuration management, or incident response, when something fails, a managed services team is there to serve. Below is a list of network devices Buchanan monitors and manage:

  • Router
  • Core Switches
  • Access Switches
  • Firewalls
  • WAPs/WLCs

We support any and all of the listed components above, and will ensure that your network is operating at peak performance levels.

Desktop Management

With the world of remote working, how many devices does your team have where they can access your data, and how much risk do you need to manage? Your computer assets are ground zero for data breaches. From forwarded phishing emails to opened viruses, it can take your internal team hours and days to rectify a threatening situation. Without strong control of your desktop network, company performance and revenue is potentially impacted. While local IT personnel will do their best to monitor and update desktops when necessary, it can be difficult for them to do so and manage the rest of the company’s IT infrastructure, projects, and drive the necessary upgrades to stay relevant in today’s market. You need peace of mind that your desktops, laptops, and other devices are up to date on licensing, anti-malware software, patching, and more. Who’s handling things like:

  • Threat Protection
  • Patch Management
  • Backup and Restoration

For many employees, managing desktop health is nearly impossible alongside daily projects. They just don’t have the knowledge or time and could put you more at risk. It’s tough to keep company files organized when big assignments are top priority, so we’re here to take that pressure off. Desktop Management by Buchanan can ensure the security and quality of your desktop machines so your team can focus on what’s important. We manage tasks like pushing through approved patches and updates at a time when it won’t hinder your personnel work schedule, and we’ll take care of backups of those mission critical files. Without proper hardware health and security, the whole business falls apart, so let us handle your ground zero.

A Technology Company in the People Business

For 30 years, Buchanan has worked hard to develop our offerings to better serve our customers and community. It’s always been about helping others. Managing technology and a business is a difficult task. While we may have the latest technology to assist your business growth, we’re ultimately a company for people. Our services are designed to assist people in realizing their dreams. We want to take that small local shop and watch it grow into a flourishing enterprise. We want to unite your global enterprise so you and your employees can strive for the future together.

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