On-Demand IT Field Services Providers Help Retailers Navigate the Changing Landscape  

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With the rise of digitalization and changing consumer preferences, the retail sector needs to be adaptable and efficient to thrive. The use of an On-Demand IT field services organization can provide a competitive advantage in ensuring the success of the retail sector. This blog delves deeper into the trends driving the increased need for On-Demand IT field services in the retail sector and how Buchanan Technologies is leading the way in bringing these services to our retail customers.  

How Does an On-Demand IT Field Services Partner Help the Retail Sector? 

The importance of On-Demand IT Field Services cannot be overstated when it comes to managing the ever-changing technology requirements of modern retail operations. These services offer retailers scalable and tailored IT assistance specifically designed to address the challenges faced by the retail industry. This includes not only break/fix to keep systems up and running, but it goes beyond that with solutions including implementing cutting-edge technologies to enhance customer experiences, system upgrades to ensure real-time inventory management, new cabling installation and repairs, site surveys, installation and configuration of wireless access points, audio/video/signage installations, the installation of new hardware for bolstering cybersecurity measures, and integral connectivity of omnichannel systems. Here are some real-life, tactical examples of how an On-Demand IT Field Services Team of technicians supports retailers: 

  • Increased Security and Modernization  
  • 5G/6G Networking – enhancing security, store operations, and customer experience 
  • IP Cameras – replacing Analog CCTV and AI (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) advancements where there is a shortage of skilled professionals and an increased focus on Loss Prevention 
  • Centralized Networking Management with SD-WAN to reduce the amount of equipment and increase security 
  • Installation of access control and timekeeping systems

Upgrades that include, but are not limited to:

  • Installing or replacing dated cabling with fiber cabling 
  • Supporting POS upgrades 
  • On-site support for data center upgrades 
  • Cable drops, networking, and system upgrades to support warehouse upgrades 
  • Installation and maintenance of self-checkout kiosks 
  • POE (Power over Ethernet) cabling 
  • Retail Remodels 
  • CAT6/CAT7/Fiber drops and networking 
  • Installation and connectivity of Kiosks/Digital signage  

A Need for Operational Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness 

The modern age has witnessed a shift to IP cameras integrated with sophisticated AI, replacing the traditional analog CCTV system. It addresses the problem of a need for more competent security personnel, focusing more on advanced anti-theft methods. The transformation of fiber cabling to 5G/6G networks has completely transformed store operations and customer communication, providing additional safety assurance benefits. 

The flexibility of an On-Demand IT Field Services partner enables the retailer to tackle IT-related issues, adapt to evolving customer and store operation changes, and introduce technologies without adding the overhead costs of hiring and managing full-time on-site IT technicians. These partners can complete tasks like updates to technology, rollouts of new software, installing, fixing, or updating endpoint connections, and many more while also offering the benefit of managing multiple locations simultaneously, saving time, and increasing the velocity of the change – ensuring continuity while driving both operational and cost efficiencies. 

Supporting Omnichannel Strategies 

The growing demand for On-Demand IT Field Services is influenced by changes in consumer behavior. Customers expect a shopping experience across channels such as online platforms, physical stores, and mobile apps. To meet these expectations effectively, retailers require integrated systems that deliver a memorable experience. An On-Demand IT Field Services partner can increase uptime, install upgrades as needed, and ensure new system connectivity is accurate, consistently operational, up-to-date, and performing optimally within a fast-paced environment. 

Ensuring Data Security 

Data security has become an increasingly significant concern with the rise of digital transactions in the retail sector. Retailers have a responsibility to protect customer data from potential breaches and cyber-attacks. To ensure the security of this data, it is crucial to have security measures in place, regular security upgrades, and maintain vigilance. 

An On-Demand IT Field Services team is typically your feet-on-the-ground team that helps the centralized team manage these requirements. They are the skilled technicians who enable centralized network management by installing SD-WAN technology to minimize operational efforts on network management and hardware requirements while reinforcing data security as a key factor in retail operations. 

Retail Infrastructure Transformation 

The introduction of self-checkout systems and integration with digital wallets, credit cards, and smart chips represent a leap in point-of-sale (POS) technology. This evolution is part of a broader move towards automating the consumer’s digital experience, including deploying kiosks and digital signage. Additionally, inventory management has become increasingly complex for retailers as they need to keep track of stock across sales channels. Real-time inventory tracking, automated reordering, and insightful data analytics are essential for avoiding overstocking or shortages.  

An On-Demand IT Field Services team offers the expertise and workforce it takes to implement and deploy these upgraded technology systems efficiently and effectively at multiple locations while being managed and tracked by one team. The benefit retailers are seeing comes in both tangible and intangible savings. The travel time, along with not having to send their team on-site, is a tremendous savings, but quite possibly, the more significant savings are in time and velocity.  

New technology installations, updates, and upgrade rollouts can be sped up dramatically without pulling internal teams away from the core business demands. Projects like POS (Point of Sales) upgrades, fiber cabling upgrades, warehouse modernization involving things like power over Ethernet (POE) cabling, and total data center upgrades are no longer an added stress to the internal teams’ time and workload but can be managed independently by an On-Demand provider where they manage multiple sites simultaneously.

Buchanan Technologies: Leading the Way in On-Demand IT Field Services for Retail 

Buchanan Technologies offers a range of On-Demand IT solutions that are carefully customized to give retail businesses an edge while enhancing the overall customer experience. 

On-Demand Dispatch 

Our IT solutions help retail businesses speed up technology rollout so that retailers can confidently meet customer demand and enhance with up-to-date systems. Our on-demand, remote monitoring services and 24/7 call center support promise to decrease overhead and hiring costs. They also reduce the downtime for high availability of services. 

On-Site Projects 

Having multiple locations to support and finding the talent and technical know-how to support them is many times the largest hurdle to jump for retailers. Buchanan is uniquely equipped with a field services team that can touch any zip/postal code in the U.S. and Canada and help you deliver on-site projects on time and within budget. 

Buchanan provides an end-to-end implementation for large project rollouts for your technology without stalling your business. 

Cabling and Wireless 

Full management of projects, including: 

  • Wired and wireless network installations 
  • Network connectivity break/fix 
  • Office turn-ups/downs 

We schedule and dispatch our field service solution to your multiple locations simultaneously and report back to you with project status updates.  

Depot Services – Asset Management 

Asset storage in a secured, climate-controlled storage facility. Buchanan’s team provides stock level alerts so you know when and if supply is low, and we take the burden of controlling assets and inventory management for your organization by simplifying your process of storage, imaging, testing, and provisioning systems before they are shipped to your end-user.  

Recurring On-Site Services 

For businesses that need technical assistance but aren’t prepared for a full-time hire, our recurring on-site service (ROSS) for IT support provides the same technician on-site at your location every week for the specified number of days you require.  

This offering helps auto dealerships and large retailers have one technician to support a specific market area for 1-4 days per week, and the technician becomes familiar with your environment, comes in as you require, handles ongoing work as a supplement to your staff, and saves you the overhead of a full-time employee. 

We can even rotate various locations in a single market for each day (distance limitations apply). 

Get Started with Buchanan’s On-Demand IT Field Services 

Buchanan is committed to enhancing efficiency, customer service, and growth in the retail industry by providing tailored, innovative solutions for specific retail issues. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where technological innovation, security, and efficiency are harmonized, propelling the retail sector into a more resilient, adaptive, and customer-centric future. Contact us today to see how we can solve your retail challenges.

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