How IT Staffing Providers can Help Your Businesses Succeed

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Over the past several years, it has become increasingly difficult to find well-vetted, qualified technicians for various IT roles across North America and beyond. This can be attributed to several factors, including lack of technical education, access to resources, and the ever-expanding need for IT support.

Benefits of an IT Staffing Provider

Having a committed and trusted partner to help manage staffing for your IT department and the ongoing maintenance of its infrastructure alleviates numerous pain points for an organization, including – but not limited to – the following.

Spending Too Much Time Recruiting Resources?

It is usually an exhaustive process to search for candidates for any department, but it can be especially tricky in the technology space where job requirements and skillsets tend to be more advanced and difficult to source. You spend valuable time finding someone who seems like a good fit on paper, only to bring them in for a face-to-face interview and be left disappointed. Oftentimes, HR personnel may not have the technical expertise that is required to source proper candidates and will spend much of their time recruiting and interviewing only to find the candidates aren’t equipped for the position. There is no risk involved to partner with a staffing provider, and the results include pain-free sourcing and ease of placing qualified candidates for your organization. You can also choose to categorize your staffing provider as a vendor of record (VOR), which allows them to become extremely familiar with your business requirements for even quicker results. Ultimately with the help of a staffing provider or VOR, all the heavy lifting is done for you, freeing up internal resources to focus on other initiatives.

Need Quick IT Assistance?

In the IT world, situations can sporadically arise – whether it is a specific project or technical issue – where the knowledge and experience of a subject matter expert are needed, but there may not be one on staff. This can leave internal teams scrambling to find a solution. Developing a partner relationship with a staffing provider or VOR will help you find the staff you need when you need them. Staffing providers dedicate much of their time to building and fostering relationships from both a client and candidate perspective. When you partner with a staffing provider, you will also have access to the firm’s network of resources. Chances are, if you come to the firm with a specific set of requirements, they will have matching candidates in their network of resources. A good staffing provider should also invest time in creating solid recruiting processes and methodologies. This will ensure the entire process from sourcing to placement is done quickly and efficiently.

Not Ready to Commit to a Full-Time Hire?

During uncertain times – such as the COVID-19 pandemic – working with a staffing provider that offers flexible hiring and delivery methods is more important than ever. Some firms have multiple hiring options to accommodate their clients’ varying needs. If you need IT assistance but are not ready to commit to a full-time hire, a contract-to-hire method may be the ideal option for you. This model will help your business get the work done and bring value to your organization, and when you are ready, you can bring them on as a full-time employee. Other hiring options include contract, where a resource can help with a specific job that has a beginning or end date, offer additional help during peak seasons, backfill to cover vacation time or assist your internal IT team on a project rollout, and direct hire, where the staffing provider places a full-time candidate. Whatever your IT staffing needs may be, a staffing provider will be able to work with you to find the ideal candidate.

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Aiming to Move Your Business Forward?

A staffing provider can help your company in a multitude of ways to keep your business moving forward in a positive direction – and with the right talent.

Not only will your internal HR teams have more time to focus on other company issues, but you can rest assured you will receive the most qualified resource for your organization’s needs. Staffing partners will do their due diligence to ensure each candidate “ticks the boxes” from a skillset perspective in addition to fitting the company culture and desired personality traits.

A staffing provider will also handle the employee onboarding and new hire paperwork so that the candidate will be ready to go on day one of the job. If for some reason the candidate doesn’t meet expectations, the firm will also initiate the offboarding process, making it hands-off for the client, and will find a replacement resource.

Consider an IT Staffing Provider

All these points considered, it is evident that smartsourcing your IT recruiting and hiring efforts to a staffing provider offers numerous benefits to your organization. Partnering with a company like Buchanan is especially beneficial as our exposure to IT spans a variety of services and we have a broad perspective to access quality resources. If you are interested but not sure where to start, contact us today for a free, no-obligation assessment of your staffing needs.

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