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Contract-to-Hire IT Resources

Sometimes you need a full time position, but due to headcount requirements, hiring freezes, or other regulations by your organization, you are not in a position to hire. Before you push for that full time head count, you still have the challenge of getting the work done, establishing credible data showing justification for the cost, and you want to know that the talent you are suggesting can do the job and bring value to your organization.

Temp to Perm IT Resources

Another scenario we often see is a company may be relocating, or growing and they are not 100% sure of what roles they will need full time versus temporary. Buchanan helps remove the risks by providing temporary resources that provide the skill needed to do the immediate work, while providing the time to identify skill sets within each individual, and determine what roles they will need on a full-time basis. Our solution provides the flexibility to start with a short term contract, and then choose to terminate the contract, extend the resource for the time needed, or convert to a full-time hire.

contract to hire

temp to perm

qualified IT resources

Qualified IT Resources

The Buchanan Contract-to-Hire solution is the perfect solution that puts a full time, qualified IT resource tha tis a subject matter expert at your facility so you can try before you buy. They provide the hands on technology assistance your team needs while you have the ability to review the work and establish that the talent is exactly what you need.

The Buchanan Promise

If for any reason you aren’t happy, Buchanan stands behind it and will provide a new resource. It's as easy as filling out a quick 4-Step Questionairre to let us know your need, and we'll be working on your behalf to provide vetted and talented IT professionals that can meet your need.
  • Leveraging our experience as a consulting delivery organization ensures qualified talent is assigned and presented.
  • Searches are more timely and actionable, getting you the talent you need faster than a standard HR search.


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