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Finding the Right IT Recruiter

While the Internet has made it easy to search for a job, it’s also made it harder to secure the right position. When an applicant applies for a position online, their resume often falls into the black hole of HR with thousands of other applicants that are not qualified. And since only a small percentage of jobs are landed through applying online, it’s best to find a recruiter that can properly sell your background and get the resume into the hands of a decision maker. But you don’t have to be actively looking for a new position to seek out the help of a recruiter. After all, you have a doctor that you see regularly for your health, a financial adviser that helps with your retirement/savings, and an accountant that handles your taxes. What one aspect of your life touches and affects all of those? Your career. Why wouldn’t you work with someone who is focused on your career and can positively impact those other important areas? In fact, it’s best to network and build a relationship with a recruiter long before you are looking for your next position. By doing this, they will understand your background and where you want to get to in your career.  

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Searching for the Right Recruiter

Search for a recruiter that is niched in your specific industry. The smaller their niche, the wider their network, which means they will know about more jobs that fit your search criteria. If a recruiter knows your industry, they should have connections to specific companies that are hiring in your field and should be able to notify you about opportunities before they hit the job boards.

If you are only looking for permanent job opportunities, stay away from recruiting agencies that have the word “staffing” in their name. This means they primarily focus on temp or contract only placements. You want to stay away from firms/recruiters that are only looking to make a quick buck and put a warm body in a seat.

Look up firms on LinkedIn and see if you have any mutual contacts to recruiters at those firms. If you have mutual contacts, ask your connections to make an introduction to a recruiter that they have had a positive experience with.

Meeting the Recruiter

Once you identify a recruiter that you want to engage in your job search, make sure that you meet them so you know who is representing you. A good recruiter will want to know the person they are representing. Additionally, the client expects that the recruiter working on their job opportunity has met you face-to-face since they pay the recruiter’s fee for finding talent. During your meeting with the recruiter, you want to ask them about their background. How long have they been in the business? How much experience do they have at placing candidates in your field? Do they understand your background and compensation? Be open an honest with your recruiter about what you want in your next position. The more they understand about you, the greater knowledge they have to add value to you and your search.

Working with the Recruiter

Keep the recruiter in the loop about your search, including other job opportunities that you have found on your own. A good recruiter, with a consultative approach, will help you negotiate an offer for an opportunity you found on your own since they know your next job won’t be your last, and you will come back to them. A good recruiter knows they become more successful by helping others become successful.

Unfortunately, many recruiters are like snake oil salesmen. If you feel like you can’t be honest with the recruiter, it’s time to move on and find someone else that you can trust with your search. Ultimately if you aren’t honest with the recruiter about compensation, reasons for looking, and career goal, this can cost you a job offer.

Working with the right recruiter can save you time, effort, and energy. Ask them about their searches, clients, and their client’s urgency to hire. This will tell you if they are a big-churn body shop or focused on your interests and building long-term relationships with both clients and candidates.

The Take Away

Having the right recruiter and sharing the right info can lead to the next big opportunity in your career path. The right recruiter understands where you are and where you want to get to in your career. If you need the right recruiter to help take your IT career to the next level, reach out to Buchanan’s Professional Services team today!

About Brandy Tatum

With more than 10 years of experience and focus in the IT recruiting space, Brandy Tatum brings a consultative approach to her clients and candidates. As Buchanan Technologies’ Director of Recruiting, Brandy builds trust and long-term relationships with every engagement she touches.

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