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Ransomeware Protection

Ransomware protection services protect your servers and desktops from ransomware attacks. If your workstations and servers are not patched and up to date, you are a potential target. Systems affected by a ransomware attack have complete data encrypted by the ransomware and demands payment to release information, with no guarantee it will not repeat the attack again. Buchanan offers a continued monthly Ransomware protection. We use industry leading software and monitor your network to block ransomware and malware infections by identifying and preventing the handful of techniques and behaviors used in almost every exploit.
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Ransomware Services Provided

  • Catch zero-day threats without adversely affecting the performance of your device, protecting your device before the exploits even arrive.
  • Correlates threat indicators, therefore blocking web and application exploits, dangerous URLs, potentially unwanted apps, and malicious code from ever touching your endpoints.
  • Protection works on the device and in conjunction with the firewall to detect and isolate compromised devices.
  • Synchronized Security gives additional context, providing information from the network.
  • Behavioral Analytics determine suspicious behaviors, allowing for the detection of ransomware and malware which can be specifically designed to evade traditional solutions.
  • Traffic Detection is used to pre-filter all HTTP traffic and tracks suspicious traffic as well as the file path of the process sending malicious traffic.
  • Provides instant and automatic communication between the Endpoint and centralized admin dashboard.
  • Provides network alerts related to suspicious system activity. This allows the endpoint protection agent immediate use of that information to discover the process behind the threat.

One-time Patching Special

Buchanan offers monthly ransomware management for ongoing support, or a one-time patching special for all customers to make sure you are protected that will:
  • User will download agent and install it on system
  • Buchanan's tool will automatically scan the system
  • Tool will gather missing patches needed
  • Required patches are installed to rectify malware/ransomware issue
We can manage the process for you, or you can manage it yourself. Click here to submit an inquiry to have a Buchanan Technology representative reach out to you to discuss your need. If you prefer to manage it yourself, you can download and install on your system by following the attached steps:
  1. Gain access to the file by downloading here.
  2. The systems will check in to our server and assign a server or workstation patching group based on the operating system being used.
  3. Our agent (BMC) will run a patch scan on your system and, once complete, the appropriate patch will be assigned to your system and deployed.
  4. Your workstations will automatically reboot after a preconfigured timer (60 minutes).
  5. Servers will not force a reboot, but instead, allow you the option of rebooting at a convenient time.
  6. After a rescan, the patch is verified, and an uninstall task will be sent to remove the agent.
Please note these guidelines:
  1. For systems behind a firewall, ports 1610 and 1611 will need to be temporarily opened for communication and patch delivery.
  2. Windows 7 and Server 2008 systems need to have service pack 1 to apply the updates.
Buchanan Technologiesis offering a downloadable patch as a courtesy, and in an effort to eliminate and protect from additional ransomware attacks. Buchanan Technologies, Inc. not liable for any failures that may occur.