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Montague,Prince Edward Island

The newest Buchanan location, Montague, Prince Edward Island is a beautiful waterfront city offering much history, beautiful views and a getaway of cottages and bed and breakfast locations for tourists.   The Service Delivery Centre is a carry-over location to the success of our Charlottetown, PEI centre that supports many customers, but also primarily supports the growth brought forth through our Higher Education strategic partnership with OECM. To proactively keep up with the demand of supporting the end users of multiple colleges, and maintaining Service Level Agreements for existing customers, the Montague location was born.

Montague Location

The Montague Service Delivery Centre is the end user support for our IT Service Desk offerings of After Hours support, Weekend support and even the 24/7 x 365 offering. After 30 years of business, Buchanan realizes that IT is a round the clock service, yet still strives to stay true to its “People Matter” core value, which allows a strong work/life balance for all employees. The Montague location supports U.S. businesses open on holidays, and then the U.S. locations support the Canadian locations on Canadian holidays, keeping employees happy and maintaining service level agreements for customers.

Buchanan Technologies
Montague Location

544 Main Street
Suite 200

Montague, Prince Edward Island C0A 1R0
Phone: (972) 869-3966
Fax: (972) 869-3975
Toll Free: (888) 730-2774

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