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Customizable Managed Monitoring Solutions

Buchanan’s Managed Monitoring Solutions creates a customized monitoring dashboard utilizing our technology to monitor your unique workloads, from the underlying operating systems (Windows/Linux) and network devices (routers/switches/firewalls), through to your databases and middleware apps, all the way up to your end-user applications.

This solution keeps you fully aware of system availability, server response, service performance, and overall performance of critical systems.

Managed Network Devices

Managed Network Devices Assessment

Managed Network Devices Security

Buchanan Technologies provides customers with Enterprise Tools for Monitoring, Management, Asset Management, and Patch Deployment. Buchanan offers customers a separate isolated environment to leverage our investment in the BMC Incident monitoring and management platform on a consumption basis. Optional incident management services are available. It is provided from Buchanan’s Cloud with minimal onsite requirements and billing is based on consumption, therefore offering an enterprise, industry leading solution to customers for a fraction of the cost.

Features of Managed Network Devices

  • 24/7 x 365 monitoring using the BMC management suite.
  • Monitors server operating systems using an installed agent.
  • Monitors middleware, applications, and databases using same agent.
  • Monitors storage and network devices via SNMP.
  • Custom alerting and asset tracking.
  • Dashboard views for all activities.

Benefits of Managed Network Devices

  • Cost Savings: We’ve already invested in the tools needed to monitor your entire network. Utilizing the Buchanan BMC investment provides significant cost savings, saves capital costs, and allows you to get up and running on a monitoring system quickly and efficiently. Eliminates the need to invest in high cost tools and monitoring solutions.
  • Fixed pricing: The use of a consumption based model controls internal costs so you know your expected cost every month.
  • Automated Patching: Provides capability to deploy patches with compliance scores to servers in an automated fashion and ensures your systems are updated at all times.
  • Proactive Notifications: Provides notifications for actionable events.
  • Complete Visibility: Authorized users have complete access and visibility to the same dashboards we are monitoring monthly.
  • Customized Alerts: Systems are tuned and monitored to specific thresholds and alerts.

Incident Management Benefits

  • Alert monitoring by Buchanan NOC.
  • Establish and follow escalation process.
  • Transfer ownership of incident to resolver.
  • Provide monthly summary incident report.


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