3 Major Benefits of a Managed IT Solution

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More and more, technology is becoming an integral component of a business’s day-to-day operations and workflows. Due to the necessary nature and increased reliance on technology, it has gradually become more expensive to support and maintain IT infrastructure and personnel. As IT departments are looking to optimize their operations and find cost savings wherever they can, they should consider partnering with a managed service provider for their IT needs. Doing so can offer an organization numerous benefits.

What are Managed Services?

A fully-managed IT solution performs numerous services and functions for an organization, including network administration and security, backup and disaster recovery, IT and helpdesk support, and much more. This blog will highlight some of the biggest benefits of working with a managed service provider for any IT needs.

Top 3 Reasons to Partner with an MSP

Predictable Costs

As technology becomes more advanced, it is important to have proper, qualified support channels for a quick resolution should something go awry. Many companies opt to have an internal IT department but may not be aware of the benefits of smartsourcing some of the responsibilities to a managed service provider. Whether it is an enterprise organization looking to maximize their IT spend or an SMB growing their team, partnering with an MSP can help any organization achieve its IT goals while providing predictable costs. One way this is done is by having a managed service provider assess IT spend. Through this, they can determine ways to be more efficient and provide a predictable operational expense, which allows an organization more control over fixed overhead expenses.  

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Reduce Risk

Another benefit of supplementing your in-house team is accessibility to a breadth of experience. In the event of an emergency, staff may not have the bandwidth or know-how to effectively address the associated risks to the company, making them vulnerable to cyber attacks, data loss, and more.

Managed service providers take a preventative approach to the health and security of an organization’s IT systems with network monitoring and management. This allows the service provider to be aware of a possible security breach, equipment malfunction, or other threats and can correct the issue before it has detrimental effects on a business.

Managed service providers can also source and implement backup and disaster recovery solutions to safeguard organizational data and applications in the event of a disaster. This poses numerous benefits in and of itself, including replication and reinstatement of data, business continuity, and minimized interruptions and technical downtime.

Increase Efficiencies

One of the biggest benefits of partnering with a managed service provider is the ability to free up internal IT resources to focus on the core company objectives. While an MSP handles day-to-day IT-related tasks, staff can direct their efforts toward revenue-generating projects for the organization.

As in-house IT teams often do not have the collective familiarity and experience of MSPs, businesses may find it is much easier and more cost-effective to keep up with IT and technology demands by leaning on an MSP’s expertise. Since it is their primary purpose to ensure technological stability and efficiency, MSPs have the necessary knowledge to provide unmatched service levels in every aspect of an organization’s IT solution.

MSPs also have the capability to scale with a business’s growth. Rather than adding personnel – and training that personnel – when new equipment is installed, the MSP can easily incorporate maintenance of that IT equipment and systems into their daily routine, saving the organization time and money.

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