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The Recurring On-site Support Services (ROSS) model was developed for clients that need consistent talent on site every week, but do not need a full-time hire. Our recurring on-site service is exactly what its name suggest. Many companies would rather outsource their IT needs on an as needed basis, but as they grow, find that they need help more often.

A ROSS solution provides an on-site, part time, consistent technician anywhere in North America that is familiar with your environment and needs, so there is no need to train or educate a new technician every time you have a problem or a service need. You choose from 1-3 days every week and the schedule is built by you. These technicians come highly qualified, with little to no ramp-up time for handling the weekly projects you need.

Managed Services monitoring

part time information technology

server specialist help


  • PC install, repair and replacement
  • PC relocations and logistics
  • Office network connectivity
  • Site surveys and inventory
  • Printer install and repair
  • Peripheral connectivity
  • End user application support


  • Affordable on-site IT support for small offices.
  • Weekly (recurring) scheduled support saves money.
  • Saves costs by decreasing the need for internal corporate IT travel.
  • Technician becomes familiar with your personnel and IT environment.
  • Ability to cover several locations in a single metro area.
  • Ability to budget on-site IT support costs.