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Business Continuity as a Service

Keep your business operating with a BCaaS solution from Buchanan

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Don’t Let an Unexpected Disaster Threaten Your Business

Buchanan Technologies understands how critical business continuity is to the overall success of an organization and how much technical downtime or data loss can impact productivity and profitability, sometimes even causing businesses to close. That’s why our Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS) offering was created – to help you maintain normal business operations, even during an outage or emergency. 

Why work with Buchanan for your organization’s business continuity?

  • Gain peace of mind that your environment is protected

  • Improve your business’s resilience against natural or manmade disasters

  • Ensure consistent management and enforcement of your business continuity program

  • Receive access to trained and dedicated experts

  • Free your in-house team to focus on important IT tasks

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Our Business Continuity Services

Backing up data is the first step to any successful business continuity plan (BCP). With our Business Continuity as a Service – Backup (BCaaS-BU) offering, you will be able to access your critical applications and restore your data on request, even during a network failure or outage. 

Buchanan’s BCaaS-BU solution uses Microsoft Azure technologies to backup files, folders, and servers to the cloud. Backups can use near-real-time replication or run in low usage windows. Buchanan consistently reviews clients’ backup strategies to ensure the correct servers and data are being backed up correctly and on schedule, making adjustments as necessary to provide only the most accurate, secure, and accessible backups. Criteria we take into consideration includes:

  • What data and systems require backup
  • How often complete backups should be completed 
  • Capacity requirements for on-premises and offsite locations
  • How long backups should be kept in accordance with regulatory or compliance requirements

Buchanan’s Business Continuity as a Service – Disaster Recovery (BCaaS-DR) provides complete protection against natural and/or human disasters that could disrupt your business operations. 

Our BCaaS-DR model utilizes Azure technology and capabilities to enable failover of a physical or virtualized environment to a Buchanan-managed Microsoft Azure regional data center in response to a customer-declared disaster.

The following are included in Buchanan’s BCaaS-DR solution:

  • Provide rapid recovery after an outage
  • Maintain the disaster recovery plan for all the servers and data in scope
  • Perform annual disaster recovery testing for failing over and failing back
  • Review production changes monthly and update disaster recovery services to reflect those changes

Our BCaaS Partners

Take a Proactive Approach to Business Continuity with BCaaS

If you are waiting until disaster strikes to invest in a business continuity plan, it is already too late. Even what you may consider a minimal disruption can have a lasting impact on your business operations and brand reputation. 

Buchanan’s BCaaS solution equips your team with the knowledge, tools, and resources to effectively identify risks to your business operations and create a responsive business continuity plan that supports your team in the event of a disruption. 

Buchanan will also monitor your BCP’s performance and measure results, recommending changes to ensure its effectiveness and keep your business running at 100%.

Strengthen Resiliency with Managed Backup, Disaster Recovery & Cloud Solutions

Keep your information safe with Buchanan’s managed backup and data recovery services. We help identify critical data and replicate it to the cloud, freeing you from risk.

In the event of a catastrophe, your information can be quickly restored, getting you back up and running in no time.

All backup solutions are managed and monitored to ensure that each backup is successful. Monthly reporting and statistics will give you peace of mind knowing that your information is safe and that backups have been completed.

Buchanan will work with you to segment mission-critical data, timing and cadence of backups and disaster recovery steps, all within your specific needs and budget.