Assess Your Organization’s Cybersecurity Risk

Identify gaps in your current defense posture and uncovers weaknesses across a broad swath of your security technologies

Businesses’ cybersecurity programs are increasing in complexity, with the average business having over 40 security tools in their arsenal. While enterprise cybersecurity programs are the key to effective IT security, having visibility to the types of threats that exist in your environment will ensure your program’s success.

Cybersecurity Statistics to Know:

92.4% of all malware and 49% of successfully installed malware was delivered by email (Verizon, 2018)

The number of security breaches has increased by 11% since the start of 2018 and by 67% since the start of 2014 (Accenture, 2019)

Organizations’ cyber-crime costs increased by 12% between 2017 and 2018, from $11.7 million to $13 million (Accenture, 2019)

70% of breaches were caused by outsiders, 45% involved hacking, 86% were financially motivated, 17% involved some form of malware, and 22% featured phishing or social engineering (Verizon, 2020)

15% of organizations leave more than 1 million files and 22% of all folders accessible to employees (Varonis, 2019)

Threat Assessment Tiers Include:

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3