Grapevine, Texas — United States — March 7, 2012 — Buchanan Technologies, an international technology services provider, announced today it has added the resources of The On-Site Company (TOSCO) of Green Bay, Wisconsin. TOSCO is a worldwide coordinator of on-site technical personnel and expertise for computer equipment and printers.

“The addition of TOSCO enhances our support capabilities and allows us to develop, implement and assume total responsibility for support designed around the unique and individual requirements of each client,” says James Buchanan, President and CEO of Buchanan Technologies. “Whether it is a specific requirement for one location or a complete solution for multiple sites, Buchanan Technologies can supply highly qualified, on-site personnel to get the job done.”

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Buchanan says the TOSCO resources enhance and expand existing capabilities, particularly those information technology services needs requiring hands-on skills. Specific services include: annual maintenance programs, coordinated national rollouts, as well as on-site inventory and warranty programs.