Managed Services Providers Are an Extension of Your Business

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Top 100 Managed Service Providers

In only the past few years, the use of Managed Service providers has grown significantly in the business sector. In fact, a recent CompTIA survey found that 64% of the respondents had utilized Managed Services in the past year. This is a sharp increase over surveys from only a few years before, and can possibly be attributed to the ongoing migration to a Cloud-based workflow by all manner of organizations and businesses.

The growth has been fed by emerging technologies that allow more collaboration, quicker growth and remote working, feeding the escalation of end user support. There is also now a more pressing need for constant monitoring to manage areas such as network threats, potential viruses, and network outages. Lastly, it just comes down to budgets. Hiring more individuals is sometimes the solution but hiring a Managed Service Provider provides an array of talent with different skill sets that you have access to, can utilize when needed, and there is no overhead cost, benefit costs or concern of how you will cover when they are on vacation.

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How We Can a Managed Service Provider Help Your Business?

Historically, MSPs have focused on one solution or area of business because it all comes to efficiencies and how they can help you manage your business, while still making a profit for their own business. It’s difficult to be an expert in all things, so focusing in one area where you have capacity, expertise and systems to support is a win for both the MSP and the customer. It’s true that the cloud-based workflow has shifted the ability for MSPs to manage remotely, which has made the location of the MSP irrelevant in a lot of situations. However, location is not the most critical thing to consider. If you are looking to hire a managed service provider for the first time, or bidding out your existing contract, finding a Managed Service Provider that has the capability to help in several realms of your business is key.

Managed Services Can Consist of Several Things:

  • End User Support: Typically, through a Service Desk or Help Desk offering
  • Network Monitoring and Management: For Servers, Desktops, Network Device and other end user Devices
  • New Technology Rollouts: Supporting the roll outs or upgrades of new technologies such as installation of ransomware protection software, an Office 365 or Skype for Business upgrade, a backup disaster plan in the cloud, and how that project may tie into your existing network configuration, including monthly management once complete
  • On-Site Support: Even though much can be managed remotely, sometimes you just need a technician on site to help drive an initiative or fix an issue

When choosing or interviewing a Managed Service Provider, its critical to do a full capability review. Consider where you need assistance today and consider where you may anticipate growth and needing assistance in the future. It’s important to find a provider that will become an extension of your team, and a partner that cares about your success.

The Benefits Include, but are not Limited to:

  • Cost Effectiveness: In the 21st century it is important for all businesses to watch the bottom line. By outsourcing many of the functions of your IT department, you gain the benefit of the MSP’s experience, the use of tools they’ve invested in, while saving capital costs for you and overhead costs from hiring additional IT staff
  • Efficiency: When your major IT maintenance needs are met, like patching, backups, desktop support and threat protection, your internal staff can focus on driving the business and forward-thinking initiatives
  • Network Visibility: Constant monitoring of your IT infrastructure, every day of the year, without compromise is a service a managed service provider offers that allows you to identify points of potential failure and deploy a solution before they happen
  • Reporting: Using tools that the MSP invests in provides visibility to how strong your infrastructure is, allows reporting that proves functionality, or even exposes areas of vulnerability in a pro-active manner so you can run your business with peace of mind. Being equipped with reporting for a board of directors or C-Suite meetings is important in showing your house is in order

Buchanan Technologies is a technology company in the people business that has been recognized as on the Top 100 Managed Service Providers. We understand that technology begins with great systems and great people because we started our company in 1988, 30 years ago, supplying on-site, skilled hands to handle our clients’ problems or initiatives. From that, we have grown into a full Managed Services provider and Cloud Service Provider that helps clients in many facets of their business. Many of our clients report that they have experienced greater levels of efficiency and less downtime with Buchanan as their experienced and professional technology partner. In a global economy that is constantly in flux, we can extend your business and be a steady and stable partner.

Our Complete Managed Services package can help your business to be the best it can be and grow exponentially. What we offer in this package is an effective way to manage your IT infrastructure. As a Managed Service Provider, we understand that in a volatile global economic environment where rapid advances in technology challenge even the most agile of companies, it makes good business sense to outsource many IT functions to a trusted third party.

If you would like to read more about how our Managed Services can strengthen your business, please visit our Managed Services Complete page and all of the other services we provide.

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