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Are you a V.P. of Operations, Real Estate V.P., or Logistics Director and have the challenge of finding qualified, stable, and professional data and network companies for your office or branch openings, closings, and relocations? Can you benefit by having one provider to be your technical hands and feet at multiple locations and provide needed updates, while handling everything under one invoice? And are you in need of cabling services that are designed to not only meet your needs but improve the speed at which your company operates? If you answered yes, you may benefit from a cabling provider that is experienced in nationwide rollouts and on-site cabling support.  
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Benefits of Utilizing an Outside Vendor for your Cabling Needs

There are several benefits to utilizing an outside vendor for your cabling needs. Your local team can probably handle the tasks, but should they be doing other things to run the business instead? Many times, a nationwide provider has local technicians that handle rollouts or local wireless setups in multiple locations simultaneously, helping you stay on budget and on schedule, while allowing your technical team to focus on running the business. The team puts together a roll out plan, working with you, that determines timing, budget, expectations and quality. They become your partner for large expansions and provide details of set up, installs and any updates required, while allowing your internal IT team to be focused on setting up the connectivity, testing and incorporating the new locations into the business processes.

Why Use Cabling Services?

As you are aware, proper cabling is crucial for office productivity. Improper cable setup can impact profits, daily operations, and customer satisfaction. It can impact wireless performance, file sharing speeds, create connectivity and reporting issues to other locations, and affect response times to customers. For rapidly growing companies, every new office presents a new cabling challenge.

Working with your technology team to ensure your IT infrastructure is properly set up will work wonders for reducing delay times and overall stress for your expansion team. Every growing business eventually opens new offices or large warehouses, and each of those new locations needs to be managed.

New warehouse acquisitions, new mergers, and new building acquisitions all require organized connectivity to function properly. However, on-site IT technicians may not be qualified to handle such a task, thus needing some outside help.

What to Expect from a Cabling Provider

While the name of cabling itself may seem self-explanatory, there is much more to it than just organizing the cables and wires for your connection needs. A cabling provider has technicians on staff that have the knowledge needed to assist with installing new networks, office infrastructure updates, office turn ups/downs, and more. This saves much time in recruiting, hiring, ordering supplies, signing legal documents and managing multiple teams, and assures safety and compliance. At Buchanan, we see a range of jobs from large national warehouse setups that require multiple technicians to smaller regional offices that require smaller levels of support to install, replace or repair existing cabling.

Our Services Include:

  • Vetted and qualified technicians
  • Project management with regular updates to the client
  • Procurement and guarantee of quality materials used during installs
  • Cabling installation that meets all state and local compliance codes

The Value Includes:

  • Save internal travel costs and time
  • No volume fees
  • No volume commitments

Why Use Buchanan’s Cabling Services?

Buchanan offers cabling services on a national level. We have an existing team of technicians throughout the United States and Canada to help you with office openings, closings, relocations, and more.

This service works wonders for clients with a rapidly growing business. We’ve handled large warehouse setups for growing logistics companies, multiple dealer set-ups for a major automotive dealer group and turn up and turn down for a fast moving mortgage company, just to name a few. We’ve been able to reduce travel costs and provide a holistic solution where our team manages the project and allows the client to improve response times, reduce downtime, and deliver higher quality work across multiple locations. Even if your needs are as simple as a wireless connectivity install in a few small offices, we will ensure each install goes smoothly and your business sees the benefits on a daily basis.

No matter how simple or complex your needs may be, our technicians are trained to handle it. Contact us today to learn more.

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