Wary of Moving to Cloud Storage?

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Cloud Storage Solutions

According to a survey conducted in January 2016, adoption of Cloud storage solutions continues to accelerate. Those that have already chosen to use Cloud services as part of their operational workflow use public and private cloud services. Recent data suggests that in small business, moving to a Cloud-based solution primarily revolves around well-known vendors such as AWS, Azure, and Google. For large corporations, the major reasons for not moving to Cloud-based services generally focus on security concerns, or the lack of control over crucial infrastructure.

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Making a Move To The Cloud Without Fear

As we all become more accustomed to using the Cloud in our everyday lives, it becomes a general expectation that business will also use the Cloud for at least some, if not all, of their services and data storage. From our perspective as a premier IT services and solutions provider, part of enabling the move to Cloud storage is understanding what motivates a business to be fearful in the first place and then offering a Cloud migration service that is flexible, efficient, and builds trust.

We may be able to nurture trust between ourselves and business clients at the leadership level, but it is also vital that business and technology leaders explain the benefits of moving key operations to the Cloud to their employees. The move to using Cloud storage may eventually lead to an IaaS solution, but it is important to make the first step and explain it thoroughly.

Explaining The Benefits of Using Cloud Storage

For businesses of any size, the move to the Cloud will provide huge cost savings – not having to invest money into in-house data storage represents a key advantage for many businesses looking at using the Cloud for data storage. Of course, this economic benefit is likely not the number one concern of your team of employees, so it is important to look at it from their perspective. What can a Cloud storage solution offer them on a day to day basis?

For employees, data storage in the Cloud offers them an opportunity to access data from anywhere they have a connection. This means that they can work on the move or work at home. This represents an opportunity for greater levels of productivity from a business perspective, but it also means that your employees will see it as an opportunity to work more flexibly outside of the formal office environment.

Benefits Cloud Storage

Even though recent data suggests that many businesses are still fearful of using the Cloud, technology is moving at such a rapid pace that it seems inevitable that it will become the default storage solution. This is further underlined by the fact that many individuals are becoming rapidly accustomed to using the Cloud from mobile devices as a way of storing and moving information.

For businesses, migrating data storage to the Cloud may be a first step on the road to IaaS and SaaS solutions, but it is important to explain the benefits thoroughly to employees. Doing so ensures that any fears are overcome.

If you are interested in what benefits Cloud storage can offer your business, read about our Cloud Migration services.

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