How SharePoint Workflow Automation Can Improve Your Businesses

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Businesses Taking Advantage of Workflow Automation

Workflow in the workplace is changing rapidly primarily as a result of technological changes in the way that people communicate with colleagues, collaborate, access, and share information. Over sixty percent of employees use mobile devices to access company information and content. This figure represents startling growth in a short span of time, and dovetails neatly with the explosive growth of employees working from home. In fact, telework expanded by more than one hundred percent between 2005 and 2014 (2005-2014 American Community Survey), and it would be fair to suggest that the emergence of Cloud technology and the availability of quality mobile computing devices has likely been a big factor in this trend.

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Given the major growth in the adoption of Cloud services in the Dallas business sector, it is also no surprise to learn that Microsoft SharePoint is at the forefront of these changes. Even though SharePoint has been around for some time now, recent changes have made it even easier to use and allow businesses to take advantage of workflow automation tools within the suite that make day to day business more efficient.

SharePoint Online Migration

Workflow is always one area in business that can be improved in terms of efficiency. Many of the many small tasks and processes that comprise larger operations can be directly addressed through the application of built-in SharePoint Workflows, and with the Cloud product of SharePoint Online, there are many organizations moving from on-premise to cloud environments to gain cost and accessibility efficiency.

Workflows that can improve business efficiency:

Publishing Approval: If you are part of a team that deals with publishing web pages and web content that requires approval before going live, the Publishing Approval Workflow in SharePoint offers an easy way to streamline the process. Once content has been composed, it is automatically routed to SMEs and others experts and stakeholders for approval before publishing.

Collect Feedback: One area where business can improve is in the way they handle electronic documents. Workflow is typically inefficient in this area, often consisting of double handling and delays, but the Collect Feedback Workflow in SharePoint automates the routing of documents to colleagues for review and feedback, thus saving time and frustration.

Three-State: This Workflow is designed to track an item through three phases of completion. Once each stage is completed, the Workflow automatically alerts the next person by email about the status of the item. This Workflow can be used to track the status of projects, customer support, and many other tasks.

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Microsoft SharePoint offers automated Workflows that can be modified for use by many businesses for complex and simple processes. By automating operations, business can be made more efficient.

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