How Can a SharePoint Solution Help Your Businesses?

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Collaboration Made Easy with SharePoint

According to Microsoft, SharePoint has the most rapid take-up of any product in its line up, and statistics indicate that one in two large corporations are using it. Of course, as the IT industry has witnessed the rejuvenation of Microsoft through use of its Office 365 suite of products and services, it has also become clear that Microsoft not only has a reputation for reliability in this area, but has also positioned itself as the default cloud solution for businesses worldwide. But how does this help collaboration in your organization? And what does this mean for your business?
SharePoint Content Control
SharePoint Document Centralization
SharePoint Collaboration

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Here’s How SharePoint Can Help Streamline Your Business

As a platform that specializes in facilitating collaboration on documents, storage, and sharing of files throughout all authorized users in an organization,

Microsoft SharePoint has been around for some time. From our perspective, it represents a great solution for enterprises of almost any size looking to streamline workflow on a daily basis.

Just Some of the Benefits That SharePoint Can Offer Your Business


    • As a collaborative tool, SharePoint is without peer in the industry. As of 2016, it is a mature platform that offers an intuitive way for team members to work collaboratively on documents and share them. It also provides comprehensive versioning so that document history is preserved and can be easily restored to any point.

Content Control:

    • SharePoint offers intuitive way to set-up employee access control. This means that you share information only with those to whom you grant access. Content control also offers a way to approve or disapprove content. This is popular in a vendor/supplier relationship, or if you have multiple departments within an organization that need to write, approve, and publish timely content.


    All email, documentation, and information is stored in one central cloud-based location either on-site, or on Microsoft’s servers. This facilitates streamlined access across the entire organization. We offer a comprehensive SharePoint solution that offers both on-site and remote cloud integration.

Microsoft SharePoint is a stable and mature platform that can streamline collaboration between thousands of employees. Here at Buchanan Technologies, we understand the importance of enabling communication and document control within an organization using the best tools available. Most recently, we’ve found SharePoint the solution of choice for enterprise level organizations Intranet, Extranet, and even Internet sites.  Let our experience help you to streamline your operational workflow today.

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