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Managed Secure Email Gateway

Reduce business risks by eliminating malicious email

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The Importance of Secure Email Gateways

At least 80% of successful cyber attacks originate in an employee’s email, a statistic experts think is only going to grow with today’s dispersed workforce. While security awareness training is a great last resort, it’s best if malicious emails never make it to a human in the first place; after all, we all make mistakes.

One of the top ways to reduce risk in businesses of all sizes is to eliminate malicious emails by way of a Secure Email Gateway (SEG) that is expertly managed by veteran email security engineers.

Why work with Buchanan for your email security?

  • Get rapid responses to security events 24/7 from Buchanan’s Security Operations Center

  • Leverage multiple partnerships with industry-leading security vendors that complement Buchanan’s service offerings

  • Free up your internal resources to focus on your business with reliable co-managed SEG services

  • Security incidents can be handled without any client intervention

  • Our team validates alerts to reduce false positives

Learn more about our Managed Secure Email Gateway Services

Buchanan’s Secure Email Gateway Services

The average business has dozens upon dozens of security tools to worry about. Trust Buchanan to manage your most important tools for you. With a fully-staffed Security Operations Center, Buchanan provides 24/7/365 support for our managed SEG clients.

This support includes an initial consultation to understand your business goals and environment, implementation support and even full implementation for our managed services customers, configuration changes and updates, and alert response by our Quick Reaction Force.

Buchanan’s QRF is a pivotal piece of our SOC, available around the clock, 24/7/365. Alerts generated in our SEG are automatically sent to our QRF team, validated, and acted upon. In combination with some of our fully managed services, email-generated incidents can be completely handled without even waking you up, or if preferred, can be configured merely to alert your response team.

Our partners’ SEG technologies eliminate nearly all incoming spam. This almost eradicates the possibility that your employees are able to interact with malicious actors via email. Over a dozen sender, protocol, and content inspection techniques are utilized to detect spam, starting with general IOCs (IP, domain, reputation), onward to validation techniques, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC checks, and finally message structure analysis and other more advanced techniques.

In addition to standard static and dynamic analysis of files, sandboxing has become standard at sophisticated organizations. The technology is now affordable enough for businesses of all sizes to leverage, and there’s no reason you should be leaving your biggest attack surface open to constantly evolving malware. Sandbox technology gives you the ability to automatically run every file coming into your organization in a secure remote location, analyzing them for any signs of malicious behavior.

Beyond mere compliance, Buchanan’s Managed SEG combines best practices with robust technology in order to stop outbound data leaks; malicious or accidental. Our managed security team pairs your compliance needs with industry-leading knowledge to create a customized DLP profile just for your organization and is there to manage modifications, updates, and alerts down the road.

In the off chance that malicious content does make it past the SEG, our SEG partners can strip all active content from files in real-time, delivering only sanitized flat-files. This goes for any file defined by a policy with active content.