Buchanan Technologies’ Statement on Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

What We Believe

Buchanan Technologies exists to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity and fulfill our commitment to our people, customers, communities, and principals.  Buchanan Technologies is also committed to accelerate equality for all. Our purpose and our commitments support an environment of diversity, equality, and inclusion.  The Company strives to be a business leader through this culture.

Our commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion, enables us to attract, develop, inspire, and reward top talent. A culture where everyone feels they have an equal opportunity to build a strong career creates an environment that unleashes innovation and allows our people to perform at their very best.

This culture cannot thrive without support from the highest levels.  Buchanan Technologies’ chair, chief executive officer, and board all share and demand these principals are practiced throughout the organization.  All leaders at all levels are expected to help create and sustain a culture of diversity, equality, and inclusion.  Our areas of focus include gender, ethnicity, LGBTI, religion, persons with disabilities and cross-cultural diversity.

How We Foster a Culture of Diversity

The most precious resource the Company possesses is its people.  No longer can an organization limit itself in the pursuit to top talent.  Buchanan Technologies is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate based upon ethnicity, religious affiliation, race, or color.  In those geographic areas where the Company or its customers operate, hiring of job-ready indigenous people, directly and through vendors is highly encouraged.  The Company is committed to providing equal opportunity to suppliers and subcontractors that are owned by minorities, aboriginal people, women, LGBTQ+, veterans, and those with disabilities.


It is through this diversity and collaboration that genuine innovation is created adding value to the Company and its customers, alike.  Hiring diverse individuals, all provided the same equal opportunity supports all the Company’s values that people, customers, communities, and principals matter.

How We Foster a Culture of Equality

Buchanan Technologies offers robust training and development, networking support, flexible work arrangements, mentoring, mental health resources through its employee assistance program, equal benefits to same-sex couples where local laws permit.  This type of support, equally available to all employees where permitted, contributes to everyone thriving. 

Trust and transparency are powerful attributes.  Buchanan Technologies shares workforce demographics with its leaders and staff.  The Company continues to improve its ability to collect and report data to continuously improve and hold the organization responsible. 

How We Foster a Culture of Inclusion

Buchanan Technologies aims to build a culture of belonging by actively inviting the contribution and participation of all employees.  Equal access to employment opportunities, benefits, training, and pay equity remove many of the historic obstacles to a truly inclusive organization.  The Company believes every employee’s voice adds value.  Buchanan Technologies is creating environments in which all people can gain access to facilities and participate in programs where they feel safe, welcome, and respected.  This in turn creates balance, growth, and opportunity for our employees and within the communities where we reside.  A company that prioritizes inclusion works to ensure that all employees feel that they can access what they need to be successful.

We Are Committed to Equal Pay for Equal Work

At Buchanan Technologies, pay equity means that our people receive pay that is fair and consistent when considering similarity of work, location, and tenure at career level. Any disparity in pay due to gender, ethnicity, sexual identification, religion, persons with disabilities and/or cross-cultural diversity will not be tolerated.  The Company will investigate diligently any claim of pay inequality and perform periodic reviews to prevent these practices.