Colonial Companies

Colonial Companies – Implementing an IT Help Desk for
Better Customer Service

The Challenge

Colonial Companies, located throughout Texas, is one of the largest mortgage servicing companies in the US, with over 600 employees and roughly $1 billion in total assets. Although Colonial has been very successful at providing financial services support, they were struggling with tracking and monitoring their customer service efforts: no knowledge base, closed ticket statistics, response time on calls, and call wait times. With only four help desk employees working at a time and only covering from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Colonial was lagging behind its competitors in terms of customer service. And with such a small, overworked help desk staff, Colonial didn’t have the time or resources necessary to implement a more structured and sophisticated help desk solution. However, Colonial needed to resolve these reporting and customer service issues because they were receiving a greater number of customer complaints.

Colonial Companies
Colonial Companies
The Solution

Since Colonial wasn’t doing any sort of tracking or reporting on their help desk call metrics, Buchanan’s first step was to implement their Clickright Help Desk tool. This helped build efficient processes, allowing support staff to create, track, and close tickets with response-related statistics. Implementing Clickright also helped Colonial build a knowledge base with proper documentation. Once Clickright was in place, Buchanan also provided its help desk services to extend Colonial’s help desk and support hours for added customer service.

The Success

The results for Colonial have all exceeded expectations. The implementation of Clickright has resulted in faster end-user response times, an entire database of documentation, a rigid process, and statistical information that have helped to provide a positive overall customer service experience. As part of their service agreement, Buchanan agreed to track all calls and tickets with a Service Level Agreements in place. Buchanan’s process has been extremely successful, increasing the ticket count from 500 per month to 1500 per month. They have met all of the agreed upon metrics and have been able to improve Colonial’s performance levels for the same cost.

Colonial Companies

What Clients Say
About Buchanan:

We’re extremely happy with what Buchanan was able to do for us, and we are finally able to provide our users with round-the-clock support. Buchanan came in and provided us with the discipline and expertise needed to get us on track. Our users are happy and better supported. It’s changed the way our business operates for the better.