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Many company CIOs or IT Directors know they want to begin utilizing cloud technology, but either struggle with man power, bandwidth, or lack of expertise within their existing IT internal team, so the project becomes delayed. Cloud solutions offer flexibility, scalability, and powerful computing at a lower cost than traditional alternatives. A CIO that knows they may want to implement a Skype for Business unified communication solution, or wants to migrate their users from an Exchange environment to an Office 365 platform, needs to understand any costs for set up and support, the security and storage of the data, impact on users during the transition, any projected downtime, the project completion timeline, and the compatibility with all other programs and devices within their network.
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Cloud Migration Solutions

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Cloud Solutions

As a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), Buchanan Technologies does Cloud assessments, migrations and implementations. Some of the most popular Cloud solutions being implemented today include the following:

Difference in Cloud Providers in Dallas,Texas

When moving to the cloud, there are multiple cloud solutions to consider. Many of the providers offer a lot of the same, but in some cases, a specific provider will offer a better solution or option to integrate with your environment, so working with a CSP that offers options is key. As a Cloud Service Provider, Buchanan Technologies works with Microsoft Azure, IBM BlueMix and Amazon Web Services to design and build the solution best suited to meet each client’s need.

Cloud Readiness, What to Consider?

With many companies moving to and using the Cloud, it makes sense to adopt the technology as quickly as possible to reap the advantages. In adopting a Cloud infrastructure though, you want to implement a seamless migration, and to do this, it is suggested to have a Cloud readiness assessment conducted by experts in the field to identify a strategy for migration. However, deciding to implement a Cloud solution is only the first step of a detailed process that must include a detailed cloud assessment of the following factors:

  • Existing technology: Before implementing a Cloud solution, business leaders must ask the following questions:
    1. Is our existing technical infrastructure able to move to the Cloud?
    2. What are our current business and technical requirements?
    3. Can a Cloud solution be tailored to match?
  • People and change: The introduction of new technology into the workplace always causes some level of disruption. Before adopting Cloud-based workloads, it is important to understand the people who will be using it day to day. Will there be resistance to this technological change? How can end users be educated on the optimal use of Cloud technology so that they embrace the change?

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